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Gil, CP in Final Fantasy XIII… no big deal

Yeah this game can get frustrating especially when you’re weak and broke. Well in fact if you’re weak and broke in anything it’s always not cool. Anyway, the point is gil is really hard to get in this game, also leveling up can be tedious. We call it “farming”. So how do you farm gil and CP (Crystogen Point)?

Give me some gil, fool!!

Give me some gil, fool!!

It’s easier to farm CP first then gil cause once you get stronger, it takes less time to defeat monsters and get those loots you’ve been dying for. So how to farm CP in this game? There’re 3 locations, all of them in Gran Pulse

  1. The Dog and Behemoth King: in the area before you’re going to Vanille and Fang’s home, you’ll see Behemoth King and the Dog (whose name I don’t remember) fighting each other, making it super easy to Preemptive Strike those. When you get in the battle, both only have half of their health bar left. If you’re still weak, stagger Behemoth King first or he’s gonna fully heal himself. After staggering, keep launching him into the air and finish him, then the Dog. Each battle gives you 6.6K CP and double that if you have Growth Egg.
  2. Ochu: you need Chocobo for this, which requires you to complete side mission 1 – 14. The strategy is very simple, go in and kill Ochu first, then Minochus. One battle will give you 13.3K CP although it’ll be tougher than the previous method
  3. Adamantoise (a.k.a big turtle WITH horns): Killing this guy is really hard even when you maxed out, 1 battle will give you 40K CP and Platinum Ingot/Trapezoi… which sells for huge amount of gil. Fortunately you can use the Vanille death trick as follow: Make sure you control Vanille, equip her with Marlboro Wand, which increases Debuffing. Also make sure she has Death ability. Also make sure you have at least 3 TPs for summoning. After that use Aegisol and Fortisol to fully buff youself, jump into battle, summon to kill the turtle’s 2 legs, discard the summon ASAP (press X and then Y). After that keep spamming Death on the turtle till it’s dead. You might have to retry several times but it’s totally worth it and it’s not that hard.

    Farming Adamantoise

    Farming Adamantoise

That’s for CP. For farming Gil, as I’ve said you can kill Adamantoise. The other thing you can do is to kill the big turtle without horns, which is much much easier. That guy drops Gold Dust which sells for 15K/piece… pretty sweet.

You can also kill Cie’th during the endgame area since its loot sells for quite a chunk of gil.

Kk that’s it I’m kinda busy today so I’ll continue on my Web 2.0 series next blog.

Have fun gaming!!

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