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PC still can’t play Xbox games… WHYYY??

So it’s been a LOOOOONG time since I posted and honestly, I miss blogging. It’s pretty much the 1 motivation for me to keep up with technology (to brag about it on my blog, psh duh!! jk Smile with tongue out) while working in a company using technologies in the 70s.

Ok back to the main topic, the reasons were pretty obvious at least last year when Core i5 hasn’t come out and GTX 4 series didn’t exist. PCs weren’t strong enough to handle all those eye-candies that Xbox 360 has to offer, duh! But now that the technologies seem to be on par. I’m still wondering why this hasn’t happen.

GeForce GTX 460

GeForce GTX 460

If you don’t know the general specs of Xbox 360, it’s actually not that fancy: CPU is a custom IBM core with 3.2 clock speed having 3 cores on a single die. Each core can handle 2 threads so that makes pretty much 6 threads running consecutively. The GPU used to be pretty top notch, but not now as it’s a merely 500Mhz ATI Graphics Card with only 10Mb of embedded RAM. The system itself only has 512Mb of RAM.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360

Except the CPU, this spec is absolutely nothing compared to any decent gaming PC out there. But there’re a few things the Xbox is better at, actually MUCH better at.

  1. The custom ATI Graphics Card uses Unified Shader Architecture, which handles both Pixel Shaders and Vertex Shaders in the same pipeline. Now the card itself has 256-bit memory bandwidth which is pretty much the same as a mid-to-high end GeForce Graphics Card nowadays, yet handling 2 at 1 doubles the efficiency, which is pretty badass!! (I say “pretty” too much)
  2. Core i5 right now although uses 45nm technology with a whole bunch of other stuff, still technically can’t beat Xbox 360 core, mainly due to the dedication of architecture. Xbox core is clearly 100% for gaming and each thread is designed to handle either sound, physics engine, collision… depending on the game designer him/herself. Intel core i5 is strictly for multitasking and handling general instruction sets from the OS. Implementing the Intel HD Graphics in there doesn’t really help at all!!
  3. Although the ATI has only 10Mb of embedded RAM, its bandwidth is NASSSSTY!!! The same 256-bit in normal GPU was actually hardly optimized to its fullest potential, which comes back to point 2 (different design intentions)

Anyway this has been bugging me for a while so I gotta find out. BTW I’m using M$ Writer for the 1st time so we’ll see how that turns out. Aight have fun and keep on rolling guys!!!

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Starcraft 2 Beta Strategies!! Zerg: The Swarm!!!

So I just had a great night playing 3v3 with a couple of my friends. Awesome games!! Too bad I think disabled the whole ladder thing, or they messed up somehow. But anyway, we actually did the Mass Queens strategy by HDStarcraft so I’m gonna talk about that above.

Sorry I’ve been procrastinating on this. Again, I’m not pro or gosu or anything. I’m just learning how to play this game and I’m playing Random a lot, mainly cause it’s fun. Those strategies have been around for a long time but I just wanna compile them and share them with you guys.



First of all, Zerg is awesome. They look disgusting but very very dangerous. Zerg can be mass easily early on in the game (Zerglings, Roach, Hydralisks). Some terms you’d wanna know:

  1. Speedlings: Zerglings with speed upgrade, much faster and much more lethal
  2. Hydra: Hydralisk
  3. Muta: Mutalisk
  4. Cheese: to rush someone
  5. Pool: Swarming Pool
  6. <number> <building>: the 1st number is the drone count, the 2nd is the building u’ll build. For ex: 7 pool means you’ll build Swarming Pool when you have 7 drones

Ok let’s dig in:

1. Cheese: Zerg can cheese easily since you can produce 3 units at a time with 3 larvae. People hate Zerg cheesing since it typically ends the game early. Cheese is also all-in, which means if you fail, a counter would be fatal. You cheese with 6 pool or 7 pool. Then make sure u have 150 minerals to make 3 zerglings. Cheese are not guaranteed to work in big maps, where the distance between 2 bases are huge, or 4-player map where u need to scout for ur opponent’s location.

Cheese also works when you play 2v2 or 3v3. The force gets multiplied so fast. 3v3 cheese guarantees a win or at least cripple 1 or 2 players.

2. Mass Queens (by HDStarcraft): idk whether this works on 1v1, probably it wont. 2v2 and 3v3 might work against lower-level players. But anw, this strat starts with the usual 14 pool 15 hatch but make 2 hatches to block ur door while keep producing queen. U can get gas at 15 or 16 to tech to Nydus network. The whole point is to mass produce Queens cause they have Heal ability (called Transfusion I believe) so they can really be invincible. Ground attack is only 4 but air attack is 9, so is Terran lifts up their buildings, it gets killed much faster.

Queens are extremely slow without creep so bring some Overlords and spawn some Creep Tumors as well. Bring some drones to make Spore Crawlers. Those have very long range and can actually move. We actually just tried it on 3v3 and it works perfectly. We got stopped a lil bit by Colossus and Immortal but a nice switch to speedlings would solve it.

3. Zerg Mass: This is standard and works pretty well. You can push in around 5-6 minutes. You start with 14 pool 15 hatch and make sure to defend your base. Also you have to scout ur enemy’s base in case u mass the wrong units (Roaches cant fight Void Rays). Mutas are not so strong in SC2 anymore so they’re only good for harassing. You can bring along some Overseers and Banelings cause those are pretty useful, esp with the self-explosion thing. Bring some overlords to spawn creep for speed bonus. It’s very useful!

Again, check out both YouTube Channels HDStarcraft and HuskyStarcraft. They have great replays and very useful commentaries!! Aight have fun and keep on gaming guys!

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Prince of Persia review!!! Time travel!!!

My friends and I went to see this movie recently in our local Regal Theatre and it turns out to be pretty decent, compared to other movies made from games. In case you guys don’t know, Prince of Persia series dated back to like the 90s (1989 according to Wikipedia). It starts out with a very simple storyline of an exiled prince falling in love with a princess and apparently, trying to rescue her.

Prince of Persia 1989

Prince of Persia 1989

The Sands of Time is actually the 1st one in the PoP series that incorporated the idea of turning back time. Its plot is totally unrelated to the movie though, as Wikipedia indicated right here.

I’m gonna try not to spoil but no guarantee!! First of all, the scenes in this movie are actually pretty awesome, including the vast desert of Persia and the holy city of Alamut. If you’ve played Aladdin or Assassin’s Creed, it is something very similar. The city itself is filled with flat-roof houses which are ideal for parkour. The actor in fact got a lot of training in parkour and I believe he did most of the stunts himself.

Prince of Persia Sands of Time

Prince of Persia Sands of Time

Costumes are kinda typical Saudi Arabian, well except for the main character, who is jacked, covered in excessive ornaments and dresses like no one else. It’s kinda like the type which you see and immediately realize he’s the antagonist of the movie. The princess, I must say, is cute with her British accent. In fact everybody in this movie has a British accent. The costume also makes parkour look kinda silly.

The director also rewrote the whole plot for the movie, which I think is not too bad, but will surprise a lot of gamers going to see this. The movie gets a bit too long and revolves around “Scooby Doo, where are you?” thing where Scooby Doo is the dagger. Overall, it becomes very predictable at some point that I was like “No way that just happened!!!” (sarcasm!! smooth right??)

Anyway I did enjoy the movie. I used to play Prince of Persia back in the day but only finish 1. The gameplay gets repetitive with missions and stuff.

Aight aside from that, who wants to travel through time !!! I know I do. It’s not the first time that this idea has been brought up. I think the way time travel is handled in the movie MAKES SENSE. Why?

Well the most common time travel we’ve seen is like you teleport into a point in time and you see yourself in the future. I think that’s not how time travel really works. The reason is that, say you do see yourself in the past. That means, every second goes by, there exists a different copy of yourself. So if you travel back 1 sec, you might kinda stuck in a loop and it gets pretty messed up.

PoP technically proposes a new mechanism of time traveling, which reverts your physical body, but preserves your memory. This works perfectly, since there’s only 1 physical copy of yourself at ALL time, and with the new memory of the future, technically that still works. If you look at it, once you’ve matured, your physical body stops changing (and starts getting worse). By preserving that physical body, time travel becomes more “efficient” (transferring of mass is expensive, I think). Memory overall is a very complicated set of instructions and if A.I advances, it might become the equivalence.

Well that’s just my 2 cents since campus is kinda boring… Have fun and keep on rolling guys!!

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Some Starcraft 2 Beta Strategies!! Terran first…

Lolz I have been playing this game almost every night since break starts. This game is totally MIND-BLASTING due to its comprehensiveness in strategies. I play random cause it’s kinda more fun than getting stuck with 1 particular race. With that said, I’m still better at Zerg for some reason (Nedus??!!). Anyway I just wanna share some strategies I picked up after playing the game for a while. Success rates really depend on your opponent as these strategies are pretty well-known.

Some common terms:

  1. Racks – Barracks
  2. Depot – Supply Depot
  3. Port – Starports
  4. Proxy – to build your base/racks/factories close to your enemy’s base, risky of being detected but moving distance is much shorter. So proxy racks means build racks near your enemy’s base
  5. Micro – the art of control individual unit to deal fatal damage. For ex: reaper vs. zealot. Since reaper is range and there’s a pause between each shot, you can move your reaper, shoot, move, shoot so that zealot will never catch up.

Aight, start with Terran:



Now Terran is actually pretty hard to play with, or at least for me. Whenever I get Terran I’m always like “dang… probably I lose”. Terran is strong, but needs a lot of micro. Most Terran units are ranged (except for SCVs) so micro-ing is definitely key. But there’re a few stuff you can do with Terran:

First of all, BLOCK YOUR BASE!! Block it no matter what, Terran buildings can fly so there’s really no harm blocking ur base, also gives u extra layer of defense.

1. Reaper harass: Any sort of harassment is risky since you pretty much focus on that particular build for that unit. Reapers can jump up and down the hill so they move pretty fast, especially against Zealots (not Speedlings though). Basically you wanna go 9 Depot – 11 Barrack – Refinery – Tech Lab and pump around 2 or 3 reapers. Their guns are ok, 2 shots kill 1 probes but their grenades vs. building has 30 damage so a bunch can take care of any building pretty fast.

2. Tank rush: Start the same with 9 Depot – 11 Barrack – Refinery, then go Factory a.s.a.p. Then keep pumping Marines (yeah those are important), research Siege and pump Tanks. If you have spare cash, go to Starport a.s.a.p then pump Medivac. Medivac can heal and transport so those are so powerful. They can also act as dummies and take the hit whole your infantries stimpacked themselves. This needs a lot of micro since tanks always go behind infantry with Medivac flying on top. I won a lot with this build, especially you can harass from downhill to uphill and the Medivac will give you the view to shoot. Also, you can bring 1 SCV with you to repair the tank, or even build a bunker right there for the marines. Pretty effective method

3. Nuclear rush: Very similar build, this time go Nuclear Silo asap. Don’t just build 1. 1 nuke doesnt help that much. In Starcraft 2 the message Nuclear Launch Detected is a bit harder to spot for some reason (left side panel, small text). I personally think nuking the army is much more effective than nuking the economy (great if you can do both)

4. Defend, then mass: not ideal since you don’t get control of the map, which is important. Mass terran is not always the best, especially against Protoss which is so strong when mass (Void Rays, Collosus…). So if you wanna mass, I like to stick with a combo of Marines, Marauders (with Stimpacks and Concussive Shells of course), Medivac, some Tanks and some Thors. Battlecruisers are actually pretty good but I don’t see people use it as much in SC2, probably because of the Thor, which does splash damage anti-air.

Aight so that’s it for now. I’ll talk about Zerg or Protoss next time 🙂 Have fun and keep on practicing guys.

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Best iPhone Games!!! Well, at least IMO

Now iPhone is a revolutionary gaming device!!! That’s just fact right there. There’re SOOO many fun games on iPhone and most of them cost a buck!! They have replay values as well, making iPhone SDK the ideal portable gaming platform right now. Of course it will burn ur battery if you’re playing graphically-intense games but what gaming device doesn’t so you’d better have that white cable ready.

Besides iPhone u have the PSP, Nintendo DS and all that but those definitely won’t fit in your pocket and they can’t do anything else other than gaming. Dang I’m obsessed with iPhone right now but let’s cut the crap and move on with the gamelist:

1. Chaos Rings ($12.99)

Chaos Rings

Chaos Rings

This is the BEST RPG game on iPhone ever!!! And it’s made by Square Enix, the company that made Final Fantasy series. This game is rated as better than FFXIII in terms of gameplay and storyline. I’m not gonna spoil but if ur a RPG fanboy, get this game ASAP!!! The graphics is actually very decent, combat system is fun and definitely has replay value.

2. Paper Toss (Free)

Paper Toss

Paper Toss

The game is mad simple and addicting. You have the wind blowing at different direction with different speed and you’re trying to toss the paper into the bin. Just that but you’ll get so hooked into it since it’s so small and simple. Definitely worth checking out.

3. Doodle Jump ($0.99)

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump

You control a guy called “Doodle”. He keeps jumping and you just tilt your iPhone to change the direction to left or right. He has to land on a platform or you’ll lose. This game is also simple but very exciting. My friends play this soo much and they got well above 40K score.

4. Angry Birds ($0.99) – Lite version is free

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

The story made me LOL literally. You have a bunch of birds whose eggs got stolen by the pigs. Now you’re shooting your birds with a slingshot to take the pigs down, in their fortresses. It’s sooo funny when you realize your birds have special power and everything. Definitely worth checking out.

5. Traffic Rush (Free)

Traffic Rush

Traffic Rush

Another very simple game and also addicting. You basically control the traffic and swipe a car to accelerate or stop it. The goal is no accident. I play this all the time when I’m waiting for something or just bored.

So there u go 5 games that I think are very good to get. Get them and get hooked!! Have fun guys!

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DJJJJJJ Heeeeerrroooo!!!

DJ Hero!!! That’s right!!! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, imagine Guitar Hero with a TURNTABLE!! That’s how cool the game is!!

DJ Hero

DJ Hero

Activision has been pretty successful with its Guitar Hero series until Rock Band came in and took the throne as 1 of the funnest game to play with multiplayers. If you haven’t played Rock Band, get a set and start inviting friends over!! Anyway, Activition came out with Band Hero but I don’t think it captured the hype that Rock Band carries.

And then it comes DJ Hero!! A simplified version of a DJ Turntable. The gameplay is very similar to any sort of rhythm-based games in the market: Rock Band, DDR, Guitar Hero, Tap Tap Revenge… The awesome part is actually getting your hands on the turntable and master it. It took me around a week to get to like average level but the hardest one is just like impossible.

Yet that’s still not the best part of the game. The music in this game is THE BEST I’ve ever heard. Apparently the company hired a lot of professional DJs to create those mixes and man, the quality is definitely much better than normal mixtapes you hear in the club and stuff.

All the fun stuff combined really makes you dance while playing this awesome game. You can also play with a guitar, or a mic so multiplayer is definitely possible. Below are some of the best mixes I’ve heard in the game:

1. Boom Boom Pow vs. Satisfaction

2. Hollaback Girl vs. Feel Good Inc.

3. Feel Good Inc. vs. Atomic

Aight top 3 songs, there’re a lot more awesome mixes but you gotta buy the game to explore those. If you want those mp3s drop me a comment and I’ll email them to you. In the mean time, have fun and keep on rolling guys!!

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Starcraft 2 Beta!!! Brief Review

I’m hooked into this game!! I’m not gonna lie. Although I don’t play it that much cause I always got roasted on (noob!! I know) and that’s the only way you can play it now. You can play with a computer but the only AI level is super easy and it’s really really easy (even I can beat it ^^).

Anyway, Blizzard’s games have always been top-notch. They only have 3 streamline series which are Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo but look at how many people still play Starcraft nowadays. They host serious competitions on Starcraft in Korea and it’s more exciting than football here (yeah that’s right!!)

So this is a serious sport!!! Although the Beta just came out and I was lucky enough to get invited to test it out, they already hold tournaments and stuff!!!

I personally think the game is still very balanced. I played Zerg most of the time because of its macro nature so I’m gonna talk about mainly Zerg here.

Now creeps do give Zerg advantages as it should be long time ago. Units can move faster on creeps so Zerg Queen can now spawn creep tumor that produces creeps. The speed advantage is pretty obvious and dangerous also. Imagine Zerglings with speed upgrade moving on creeps. Now that’s devastating!!!

Zerg has a new unit called Roach. This unit used to be so strong that Blizzard made it weaker several times already. As a tier 1 unit the damage is incredible but slow so I don’t use it anymore.

Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2

Hydralisks became tier 2 unit now. The attack is not as strong as Roach but it’s really fast, plus damage bonus to armored units (piercing) so it’s currently my unit of choice right now.

Brood Lord in Starcraft 2 is basically the equivalency of Protoss Carrier. It now produces small little guys that do ground attack and it produces them quite fast. Basically this unit does 2 things at the same time: attack and produce unit defense to distract firepower. Great unit!!

Zerg also has a unit that possesses the ability to mind control (only ground unit though) so bringing Thor or Colossus to the battleground can backfire pretty badly.

Zerg Nedus Network now can spawn at any location of sight. This is very advantageous if you want to raid someone so definitely watch out for that Overlord/Overseer floating around. They can’t attack but they can see and that’s dangerous.

Aight I suck at this game so I’m still trying to get better. If you guys get to play this, maybe we can collab sometimes. Have fun and keep on rolling guys!!

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Facebook Puzzles… Youtube Playlist

So after I bombed that Facebook interview, the HR sent me an email telling me to do 1 of their puzzles so I’m not completely out of the game yet (shocking, right?). Anyway in case you don’t know Facebook maintain a whole bunch of coding puzzles with different difficulties and also a lot of Framework came from there. You can check out right here: Facebook Puzzles

The HR requested me to do one of the BUFFET-level puzzles, which are ranked the hardest. There are 3 and I did research on all of them:

  1. Dinosaur Island: you have to program a client that controls a dinosaur living on Facebookland. It can be either herbivore or carnivore. You have to stay alive as long as possible and your dinosaur can lay eggs and stuff… You can read more details in the link here
  2. Find Sophie: Sophie is your cat and you have to find it. You have a list of locations where it can hide with probability and time moving between each location. This is similar to the Traveling Salesman Problem (very famous) so I picked this one. You can check it out right here.
  3. FaceBull: I heard this one is the hardest so I didn’t really dig deep into it. But the link is here.

Apparently Facebook has a list of people who solved those and got hired so it’s another way of weeding out applicants. Once I solved it, they’ll evaluate my code and determine whether I can move on. They said I have unlimited time but the sooner I complete, the sooner the process can go on.

BTW Facebook is definitely THE FASTEST company that ever replied to me. My 1st interview was last Monday and I got scheduled the 2nd one on Monday night. The 2nd one was on Friday and reply was on Friday night. Dang!! Talking about HR productivity right there.

So I said I’ll talk about my Youtube playlist so here it is:

  • The 2nd part is comedy Youtubers. It’s not (totally) staged and very raw, funny as well. I watch EqualsThree where the guy named Ray William Johnson talks about viral videos every week, pretty funny, WongFu Production is also pretty funny too (Asian jokes lol). KassemG is also funny but kinda R-Rated.
  • Gaming and Music: I recently subscribed to AppleGirl002 cause she’s cute (I’m not gonna lie), can sing and uses iPhone to remix songs. MarieDigby is also very talented, same with Beatboxer Big Chocolate, Kathy Nguyen (she’s cute too). In terms of gaming, I watched a lot of Starcraft 2 replays with annotation (HDStarcraft is a good channel).

So there you go. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog (I’m hitting 2000 hits soon surprisingly lol). Have fun and keep on rolling!!

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Gil, CP in Final Fantasy XIII… no big deal

Yeah this game can get frustrating especially when you’re weak and broke. Well in fact if you’re weak and broke in anything it’s always not cool. Anyway, the point is gil is really hard to get in this game, also leveling up can be tedious. We call it “farming”. So how do you farm gil and CP (Crystogen Point)?

Give me some gil, fool!!

Give me some gil, fool!!

It’s easier to farm CP first then gil cause once you get stronger, it takes less time to defeat monsters and get those loots you’ve been dying for. So how to farm CP in this game? There’re 3 locations, all of them in Gran Pulse

  1. The Dog and Behemoth King: in the area before you’re going to Vanille and Fang’s home, you’ll see Behemoth King and the Dog (whose name I don’t remember) fighting each other, making it super easy to Preemptive Strike those. When you get in the battle, both only have half of their health bar left. If you’re still weak, stagger Behemoth King first or he’s gonna fully heal himself. After staggering, keep launching him into the air and finish him, then the Dog. Each battle gives you 6.6K CP and double that if you have Growth Egg.
  2. Ochu: you need Chocobo for this, which requires you to complete side mission 1 – 14. The strategy is very simple, go in and kill Ochu first, then Minochus. One battle will give you 13.3K CP although it’ll be tougher than the previous method
  3. Adamantoise (a.k.a big turtle WITH horns): Killing this guy is really hard even when you maxed out, 1 battle will give you 40K CP and Platinum Ingot/Trapezoi… which sells for huge amount of gil. Fortunately you can use the Vanille death trick as follow: Make sure you control Vanille, equip her with Marlboro Wand, which increases Debuffing. Also make sure she has Death ability. Also make sure you have at least 3 TPs for summoning. After that use Aegisol and Fortisol to fully buff youself, jump into battle, summon to kill the turtle’s 2 legs, discard the summon ASAP (press X and then Y). After that keep spamming Death on the turtle till it’s dead. You might have to retry several times but it’s totally worth it and it’s not that hard.

    Farming Adamantoise

    Farming Adamantoise

That’s for CP. For farming Gil, as I’ve said you can kill Adamantoise. The other thing you can do is to kill the big turtle without horns, which is much much easier. That guy drops Gold Dust which sells for 15K/piece… pretty sweet.

You can also kill Cie’th during the endgame area since its loot sells for quite a chunk of gil.

Kk that’s it I’m kinda busy today so I’ll continue on my Web 2.0 series next blog.

Have fun gaming!!

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Final Fantasy XIII (X360) Review

So I have been trying to finish this game before my spring break ends and I’ve somehow completed this task. I’ve only got 2 ultimate weapons out of 6 for 6 characters but more just take more grinding and I don’t have more time for that. Anyway, let’s get to the game. Oh this might contains spoilers so if you haven’t played the game, be careful when reading this. I’ll try not to spoil too much.

Different Paradigm and Roles

Different Paradigm and Roles

Storyline: This is definitely not the best FF storyline I’ve ever played. It’s actually not even my favorite. It’s the typical kind of “saving the world” RPG style with little details and twists. The only notable twist was the ending which of course you have to play through the whole thing. Due to this fact I actually skipped a lot of the dramatic cutscenes during the game as it doesn’t really make it any better other than the fancy graphics. Also the symbol of the game is explained at the end so you won’t be confused why FFXIII intro has an orb. It’s actually **spoiler** Cocoon **spoiler**. Overall, storyline is like 2/5.

Lightning Abilities Screen

Lightning Abilities Screen

Battle System: Fighting in FFXIII is actually pretty fun. Each character can take on 3 main roles and 3 other different roles (which cannot be developed as far). The game has Commando (physical attacker), Ravager (magic attacker), Synergist (Buffer), Saboteur (Debuffer), Sentinel (Defender) and Medic (Healer). Each combination is called a Paradigm and also attached to a unique name, for example Commando – Ravager – Ravager is called Relentless Attack Paradigm. I guess it’s easier to remember that way. The game also do NOT have Defense whatsoever, you have Protect but DEF stat is not explicitly indicated anywhere. Your HP does go up to more than 9999 which helps a lot. The variety of different strategy make this battling mechanic pretty awesome as even when you’re very strong, using the wrong strategy can be devastating. Overall, 4/5

Gameplay: The gameplay is actually very linear, you don’t have an airship. You’re also hardly able to revisit old places other than **spoiler** Gran Pulse, Cocoon, and Orphan Cradle **spoiler**. The game also has only 1 grinding location and that’s where you’ll spend most of your time in, making the game boring after a while. FFXIII does have monster hunting as in FFXII but a bit easier as FFXII incorporated different conditions and weather so making the monster spawn is already hard. Besides, gil does buy happiness in this game. It actually buys everything… literally. You upgrade weapons using loots bought by gil, same with accessories and everything else. However, earning gil in this game is SUPER hard. Without doing sidequest I probably have around 100,000 gil by the end of the game, and 1 Phoenix Down is 1000 gil so you can’t spam 99 of that. Oh you don’t really need Phoenix Down in this game anyway. You level up your character using CP, which is kinda similar to FFX Sphere Grid System. Anw I don’t wanna spoil too much but gameplay would get 3.5/5 IMO

Graphics: Totally top-notch. Apparently it’s on X360 which is 1 of the strongest consoles nowadays. The game does lag during a certain point when the environment is too big but overall very fast and smooth. The previous game by Square Enix was The Last Remnant, which I think was awesome, had some serious graphical issue of image rendering being too slow. Summoning as well as fighting are totally awesome. Hands down!!! 5/5

Characters: I think the characters are average in this game. Each one gets their own piece in the game to tell their stories. The good part is all those stories seem to tie together pretty nicely around a certain event. There’re some good characters like Sazh, a super funny guy with a little Chocobo on his head, Vanille who is super cute and bubbly, Snow who always thinks he’s a hero with a very optimistic attitude… The characters stats and roles in the game also made a lot of sense and fit pretty well to the overall gameplay. Another thing is I guess there’re too many sub characters in this game that it’s kinda hard to keep track of sometimes. But on average I’ll give it a 3.5/5

So in general, the overall score I’ll give to this game is 3.25/5. It’s an average game with some value of replay (probably mainly because of the graphics), definitely not the best in the series.

Chrystarium System

Chrystarium System

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