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PC still can’t play Xbox games… WHYYY??

So it’s been a LOOOOONG time since I posted and honestly, I miss blogging. It’s pretty much the 1 motivation for me to keep up with technology (to brag about it on my blog, psh duh!! jk Smile with tongue out) while working in a company using technologies in the 70s.

Ok back to the main topic, the reasons were pretty obvious at least last year when Core i5 hasn’t come out and GTX 4 series didn’t exist. PCs weren’t strong enough to handle all those eye-candies that Xbox 360 has to offer, duh! But now that the technologies seem to be on par. I’m still wondering why this hasn’t happen.

GeForce GTX 460

GeForce GTX 460

If you don’t know the general specs of Xbox 360, it’s actually not that fancy: CPU is a custom IBM core with 3.2 clock speed having 3 cores on a single die. Each core can handle 2 threads so that makes pretty much 6 threads running consecutively. The GPU used to be pretty top notch, but not now as it’s a merely 500Mhz ATI Graphics Card with only 10Mb of embedded RAM. The system itself only has 512Mb of RAM.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360

Except the CPU, this spec is absolutely nothing compared to any decent gaming PC out there. But there’re a few things the Xbox is better at, actually MUCH better at.

  1. The custom ATI Graphics Card uses Unified Shader Architecture, which handles both Pixel Shaders and Vertex Shaders in the same pipeline. Now the card itself has 256-bit memory bandwidth which is pretty much the same as a mid-to-high end GeForce Graphics Card nowadays, yet handling 2 at 1 doubles the efficiency, which is pretty badass!! (I say “pretty” too much)
  2. Core i5 right now although uses 45nm technology with a whole bunch of other stuff, still technically can’t beat Xbox 360 core, mainly due to the dedication of architecture. Xbox core is clearly 100% for gaming and each thread is designed to handle either sound, physics engine, collision… depending on the game designer him/herself. Intel core i5 is strictly for multitasking and handling general instruction sets from the OS. Implementing the Intel HD Graphics in there doesn’t really help at all!!
  3. Although the ATI has only 10Mb of embedded RAM, its bandwidth is NASSSSTY!!! The same 256-bit in normal GPU was actually hardly optimized to its fullest potential, which comes back to point 2 (different design intentions)

Anyway this has been bugging me for a while so I gotta find out. BTW I’m using M$ Writer for the 1st time so we’ll see how that turns out. Aight have fun and keep on rolling guys!!!

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What’s coming up??

Hi guys, sorry for not blogging for like the whole week. I was actually chilling in Stanford with 2 of my very close friends and we had tons of fun. Besides all the awesome Asian food we got, we went surfing. Now hold on a second and let me talk about surfing. When people talk about surfing, what comes through your mind? Standing on the surfboard riding on the waves right? That stuff is ADVANCED. It will take you a ton of training to do that so get that out of your head a.s.a.p cause I couldn’t even lie on the board. It’s seriously hard stuff. I don’t know how dogs do it, but apparently I’m not so good at it.

Besides, the water is cold so bikini girls lying on the beach is complete fictional. Why is it cold though? In order to have waves, you need really strong wind and the water itself is like super cold but thanks to the wet suit, I didn’t die. Overall it was really fun though as it’s my 1st (and probably the only) time. Besides that we went to the usual tourist sites like Golden Gate Bridge and Pier 39 and all that jazz.

Anyway, wassup with the technology world today? iPhone 4!!! Ok enough of that. My friend and I actually watched the Steve Jobs keynote like a movie since it was pretty good. Jobs know how to sell and surprisingly enough, as I learned from my visit to the Computer History Museum, Steve Jobs was the cool guy and Steve Wozniak was the introverted guy. Have you heard of Woz? He’s the co-founder of Apple and just appeared on Dancing with the stars last year I believe. I always thought he was the funny and outgoing guy.

You can also check out Steve’s keynote right here.

But Apple isn’t the only one that’s bringing all the cool stuff, Microsoft also released Kinect (a.k.a Project Natal) which is basically a service/device that track your whole body motion, instead of just nun-chuck like the Wii. A new line of Xbox 360 (slimmer and quieter) is also released.

New Xbox 360

New Xbox 360

See all the coolness happening? Kinect will basically open numerous gates to gaming opportunities with real motion. If you have played Wii, you know how fun it is. Kinect gets rid of the whole controller concept cause your whole body IS the controller. You can see the Ricochet demo right below.

Pretty fun right? I’m really excited about all the cool stuff coming up. Besides those main thing, new smartphones came out like the HTC Evo and all that but there’re just way too many to keep track of, while Apple has progressively been releasing new iPhone only once a year, yet the impact is phenomenal.

Aight guys that’s it for today. I’ll be traveling back home to Vietnam real soon so my blog will be disrupted for a little while 🙂 Have fun and keep on rolling!!

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