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Some life updates…

So I’ve been pretty busy with, you know, life but who hasn’t. Actually I’ve been trying to write another blog post after my last one which was sort of a post but not really (just a generic generated past-year result the WordPress offers, for people busy (a.k.a lazy) such as myself.

So far life has been pretty good. My last year performance got me a promotion a few months ago and ever since I got to be sort of Tech Lead for the Web & Mobile Team, which is in charge of all the front-end webapps, including both internal & client-facing. I’d say dealing with this domain has been very interesting as it’s something I have wanted to do for a long time, until I took an arrow… w/e it is still very fun, being the guy who can work on both back-end and front-end and sometimes applying design patterns interchangeably. Some of those have failed miserably due to differences in the nature of the 2 domains (1 being a beefy powerhouse serving large data in a timely manners to all sorts of requests, 1 being a lightweight routing layer with some minimal caching & compression of resources).

A change in domain also means a change in technology as well. Getting myself better with NodeJS, Backbone, jQuery and now Bootstrap has been really challenging, all of which I’ll write another post about later. Ideally I’d like to push for the stack to be more well-used within the team myself. This stack can easily be distributed and scaled horizontally. However we’re not really dealing with a consumer-product business the scalability of the UI sometimes is not a development bottleneck.

Other than work stuff, I got an email this morning, which kinda cheered me up a lil bit:

Hi Long,

I came across https://longho.wordpress.com/ while searching for resources around recipes and food and was wondering if this is the correct contact in regards to the content on the site. My team just created a graphic on the topic, would you be interested in taking a look? I’d appreciate any feedback.

Thanks in advance.


So someone actually reads my blog! And feedback. Based on the statistics I know someone reads my blog but normally it’s search query from Google and those can be highly irrelevant. I actually visited their site and the statistics about ramen, IMO, is indeed very interesting. Surviving on ramen has been 1 of the most important life skills in college. My Japanese neighbor was obsessed over ramen. I mean the dude was literally chewing through packs of those…

In case you guys wondered what he sent me, here it is:
We Love Ramen Infographic
Created by: Hack College

Pretty amazing isn’t it?

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Busy weekend!!! AR!!

Gosh this weekend turns out to be surprisingly busy for me. To all my friends expecting me to be at VACC, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to see you guys, partly because of the weather, but mainly because I’m suddenly swarmed with stuff. Honestly I’m not a big fan of Economics discussion myself (I’m CS you know) so I’d just feel left out there. I woke up late also 😛

Anyway, 2 more weeks until classes end and it’s become tradition that my professors start to bombard stuff (paper, project, homework and such). I’m sure everyone is the same since I saw more people in the library over this weekend then others. My boss from MetaDB is also having his big presentation so we have been working non-stop trying to fix everything as soon as we can (almost like 24/7 customer service).

I also messed up my PC trying to dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu. Dang I forgot Ubuntu always screw up boot manager for Windows so I ended up wasting around 3-4 hours reinstalling stuff.

Windows & Ubuntu

Windows & Ubuntu

Ok besides all those stuff, I got hooked into something I mentioned before, it’s called Augmented Reality.

Now what is that? Augmented Reality is featured in Starwars, Startrek, Ironman and pretty much all sci-fi. It pretty much describes the overlay of computer-generated images on top of live reality.

This technology was used by Yelp! I believe, when you take our ur iPhone, use Yelp and point to some restaurants, the software will overlay the ratings and menus on top of that restaurant. Or if you point to a painting in a museum, it will overlay the info on top of that painting.



So it’s pretty hi-tech since all rendering happens in real-time and pretty robust. It also involves 3D model detection and requires a large database of image registration.

Ironman UI

Ironman UI

Of course it’s still a pretty long way until Ironman, but the UI is basically Augmented Reality + Voice-Recognition so it’s really not that fancy.

Aight I gotta get back to work now!!! Have fun and keep on rolling guys!!

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