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Starcraft 2 Beta Strategies!! Zerg: The Swarm!!!

So I just had a great night playing 3v3 with a couple of my friends. Awesome games!! Too bad I think Battle.net disabled the whole ladder thing, or they messed up somehow. But anyway, we actually did the Mass Queens strategy by HDStarcraft so I’m gonna talk about that above.

Sorry I’ve been procrastinating on this. Again, I’m not pro or gosu or anything. I’m just learning how to play this game and I’m playing Random a lot, mainly cause it’s fun. Those strategies have been around for a long time but I just wanna compile them and share them with you guys.



First of all, Zerg is awesome. They look disgusting but very very dangerous. Zerg can be mass easily early on in the game (Zerglings, Roach, Hydralisks). Some terms you’d wanna know:

  1. Speedlings: Zerglings with speed upgrade, much faster and much more lethal
  2. Hydra: Hydralisk
  3. Muta: Mutalisk
  4. Cheese: to rush someone
  5. Pool: Swarming Pool
  6. <number> <building>: the 1st number is the drone count, the 2nd is the building u’ll build. For ex: 7 pool means you’ll build Swarming Pool when you have 7 drones

Ok let’s dig in:

1. Cheese: Zerg can cheese easily since you can produce 3 units at a time with 3 larvae. People hate Zerg cheesing since it typically ends the game early. Cheese is also all-in, which means if you fail, a counter would be fatal. You cheese with 6 pool or 7 pool. Then make sure u have 150 minerals to make 3 zerglings. Cheese are not guaranteed to work in big maps, where the distance between 2 bases are huge, or 4-player map where u need to scout for ur opponent’s location.

Cheese also works when you play 2v2 or 3v3. The force gets multiplied so fast. 3v3 cheese guarantees a win or at least cripple 1 or 2 players.

2. Mass Queens (by HDStarcraft): idk whether this works on 1v1, probably it wont. 2v2 and 3v3 might work against lower-level players. But anw, this strat starts with the usual 14 pool 15 hatch but make 2 hatches to block ur door while keep producing queen. U can get gas at 15 or 16 to tech to Nydus network. The whole point is to mass produce Queens cause they have Heal ability (called Transfusion I believe) so they can really be invincible. Ground attack is only 4 but air attack is 9, so is Terran lifts up their buildings, it gets killed much faster.

Queens are extremely slow without creep so bring some Overlords and spawn some Creep Tumors as well. Bring some drones to make Spore Crawlers. Those have very long range and can actually move. We actually just tried it on 3v3 and it works perfectly. We got stopped a lil bit by Colossus and Immortal but a nice switch to speedlings would solve it.

3. Zerg Mass: This is standard and works pretty well. You can push in around 5-6 minutes. You start with 14 pool 15 hatch and make sure to defend your base. Also you have to scout ur enemy’s base in case u mass the wrong units (Roaches cant fight Void Rays). Mutas are not so strong in SC2 anymore so they’re only good for harassing. You can bring along some Overseers and Banelings cause those are pretty useful, esp with the self-explosion thing. Bring some overlords to spawn creep for speed bonus. It’s very useful!

Again, check out both YouTube Channels HDStarcraft and HuskyStarcraft. They have great replays and very useful commentaries!! Aight have fun and keep on gaming guys!

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