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Issues!! Problems!!

I was just reading news and stuff and there seems to be some issues nowadays what are pretty messed up. This entry is not supposed to enrage you so make you feel depressed or anything so don’t shoot the messenger (ME!)

Gulf Oil Disaster: you’ve heard of it. If you haven’t, then you should. It’s mad scary. Basically BP’s oil tunnel got leaked and oil is just all over the place right now. It’s much much scarier when you look at this picture, which is taken from the satellite:

Gulf Oil Disaster

Gulf Oil Disaster

The grey-ish part is oil and the blue-ish part is water. Actually BP’s doing such a bad job with this that Obama made his own team of super geniuses to handle this. You can read more right here.

I personally think that BP, or any oil company should have thought of this scenario when they started. It should be in like Oil Drilling 101 under the section What To Do When You Mess Up. Well apparently it’s not there. Hopefully that’ll be handled soon.

Let’s move on! Ok I don’t know about other majors but for Engineers here at Lafayette College we have to take a course called Ethics. I think in the world of technology, Ethics is pretty much the biggest issue. One of the reason I like technology is that it tends to make the world better. Technology never downgrades, machines run faster, better, more reliable and all that stuff. However, normally human is the one who makes mistakes (just saying, I’m not a bot or pro-terminator). The time when machines make mistakes hasn’t come yet since A.I right now is pretty limited.

Ok so what about ethics? Hmm do you guys use Facebook? I’m addicted to it since it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends. But Facebook’s privacy is pretty bad. In fact all the social media’s privacy policies are controversial. FYI, Twitter is gonna donate their Tweet archive to a museum (I think it’s MOMA, not sure though) so your tweets will be indexed by Google real soon.

Gizmodo wrote a lot about Facebook’s privacy issue. If you do some google on the history of Facebook, it’s actually pretty messed up.

Facebook's messed up

Facebook's messed up

CEO of Facebook had a pretty bad record during his early days in Harvard. He illegally guessed a lot of people’s email passwords based on their Facebook passwords, which he maintains. The default privacy settings of Facebook pretty much shares your info with the world. And since it’s pretty confusing and long, few people went in and change them. It’s also pretty hard to delete your account. Yeah delete, not deactivate. I tried that once but I ended up googling on how to delete Facebook account. Facebook doesn’t want you to do that. And you never know whether they still store your info even after you delete it.

Google definitely faces the same issue. Its motto is “Don’t be evil” but that’s not trustful enough. I think that privacy issue is also a trade-off for convenience in technology nowadays. There’s a new trend in searching nowadays called Context Search.

What context search is, is that it can search for what you want (obviously) but in a more comprehensive way. For example, when you search for “restaurant”, normal search spits out all the asian restaurant, that’s easy. On the other hand, context search digs in your personal profile in Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Blogger, your IP address and everything relates to you online and factor them in. The results would be a restaurant near your location, with the type of cuisine matches your favorite food on Facebook, with the settings match your family cause you indicated that you have a wife and 2 kids on Facebook. That’s wicked cool, and wicked creepy also. Just think about it…

The last one I’m gonna talk about is stress level in Technology companies in pretty much all levels. In case you don’t know, it’s pretty bad in outsourcing countries like China, Vietnam or India. Take Foxconn for example.

Foxconn stress room

Foxconn stress room

Foxconn is the manufacturing company for Apple. Yup!! iPad, iPod, Macbook… all that stuff. The suicide rate there is so high that the company has to hire counselors and monks to do rituals for dead souls. Employees there apparently have to work long hours and the job is just like any manufacturers, very boring and repetitive. They actually intentionally drop stuff just to bend down and pick it up for change in 8-hr standing. The pay is bad also since the job itself is not had. You can read more about it here.

Yeah that’s for minimum-wage jobs. That doesn’t mean high-paying job is better. I’ve read numerous stories about work environment here in the US. Big companies here have a lot of fun stuff: free massage, free snacks, free drinks, free food, free gym, free salon, free laundry… That makes me think “I wanna work for those companies”. Well they have those stuff cause they don’t want you to leave your workplace. Benefits don’t come for free for sure. In fact, those companies prefer recent grads to experienced cause recent grads are fresh meat and are willing to do anything for money. We’re also physically and mentally healthier. It’s illegal for sure. So what they come up with is certain tests that statistically young people do better, in the name of “aptitude tests”. Solve 10 problems in 5 minutes is 1 of those. It’s technically not age-discriminatory but actually, it is.

However, it’s pretty logical when you’re young and of course have no family. All you’re gonna do is work and make your boss happy. A lot of people I’ve talked to worked their butt off early life then settle down in a lower-pay positions somewhere in a more laid back environment. Sounds like a downgrade but I think there’s more to life than work. It also kinda goes against social expectations of keep going up the career ladder. I personally think it’s a smart choice. When you have family and kids, you don’t wanna miss his football game and not care about family and stuff. That’s just bad!!

Anyway, I’m not saying I’m happy to give my life away but the next 4-5 years looks pretty hectic… Nah!! it’ll be fine. Have fun and keep on rolling guys!!

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Ugh!! Volcano Ashes???

Aight bad news: Facebook rejected me although I solved Find Sophie. I do know that I couldn’t answer the algorithm question in their 2nd interview but they should have rejected me since, which would have saved me a lot of time on that puzzle. Well at least now I can help others who are trying to solve it so overall it was an OK experience.

Right now I’m still pretty swarmed with papers and projects but it’s been getting better. I should really look into buying ticket to go back home and also ship all my stuff back (yeah the desktop is gonna be a pain and I don’t wanna buy another one back home, it’s much more expensive!!!). Chinh and I are probably gonna get a container (not the whole big one but rather part of it). I don’t know how expensive that can be!! Any help here?

Anyway so besides the offer I got from the start-up iPhone app company back home, I applied to VNG Corp and the recruiter responded promptly. He sounds really nice and everything so it looks like a great company to work for. They have a LOT of perks, much to my surprise. I’ll try to land this job. Working for a gaming company is definitely fun and given that Facebook is blocked in Vietnam (I don’t know how people can still sneak through), VNG Corp might as well build their own social media framework. I was also very impressed since the company made the 1st EVAR Vietnamese MMORPG (trailer below):

OK aside from all the bad stuff happening, I read about this volcano ash incident (probably you’ve heard of it, but here’s what I found out). So basically, this volcano, named (I swear I didn’t make this up) Eyjafjallajokull (what were they thinking??), burst out and release a lot of lava and ashes. To my surprise, the ashes turned out to be a huge problem as all European airlines had to cancel their flights due to the potential damage from the ashes (oh snap!! Apocalypse flash back!!).

Volcano Ashes

Volcano Ashes

Now everything seems to be cool now. They restarted their airlines and this is a clip showing how COOL that looks (don’t worry about the dramatic background music):

I mean dang Europeans!! Someone’s travelling right now by the time I finish this post.

Oh I also had a conversation with my friend Pooja (she’s probably reading this) and apparently she’s the master of Illustrator. She’s an Art major and I was convincing her to turn her ideas in web designs and also keep track of a portfolio. It really comes in handy. Pj was reluctant since she didn’t really know HTML/CSS so I told her to grab a book and start learning cause that’s how people learn things. Well now come to think about it, I might start writing tutorials on HTML/CSS myself. I’m not really “Smokin’ Hot” at it but information sharing is beneficial.

Also huge thanks to people visiting my blog. I started writing this blog cause I almost killed myself over depression. No I didn’t j/k ^^. Well I wanna share my lifestories pretty much and knowing that there’re people reading this is pretty awesome!!! BTW my blog visit is hitting 3K soon. Hell yeah 3K baby!!!

Aight guys have fun and keep on rolling!!

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How to find Sophie… Facebook Puzzle

So I said I was gonna write about how to solve this puzzle since it took me quite a while to figure out. In case you guys don’t know, the puzzle is:

Find Sophie

After a long day of coding, you love to head home and relax with a loved one. Since that whole relationship thing hasn’t been working out for you recently, that loved one will have to be your cat, Sophie. Unfortunately you find yourself spending considerable time after you arrive home just trying to find her. Being a perfectionist and unable to let anything suboptimal be a part of your daily life, you decide to devise the most efficient possible method for finding Sophie.

Luckily for you, Sophie is a creature of habit. You know where all of her hiding places are, as well as the probability of her hiding in each one. You also know how long it takes you to walk from hiding place to hiding place. Write a program to determine the minimum expected time it will take to find Sophie in your apartment. It is sufficient to simply visit a location to check if Sophie is hiding there; no time must be spent looking for her at a location. Sophie is hiding when you enter your apartment, and then will not leave that hiding place until you find her. Your program must take the name of an input file as an argument on the command line.

So basically to sum up, you have list of places to find Sophie and each place has a probability of finding her. The probability of course sum up to 1 so you have to visit all the places to guarantee that you’ll find her.

This problem is very similar to Traveling Salesman (TSP Problem). In fact it’s called PTSP (Probabilistic Traveling Salesman Problem) and a simple Google on it will yield a whole bunch of results (mainly using Ant Colony Optimization and stuff). The problem takes O(n!) time to solve so brute force doesn’t work (it used to work for the Facebook Grader Bot but they recently made it harder).

Sophie... well not quite

Sophie... well not quite

I myself use something much simpler: Floyd-Warshall and Greedy backtracking algorithm. The general idea is to calculate all-pair shortest path so that you know what’s the shortest path going from 1 place to another. Then you just go down the tree, keep track of the minimum expected time. Once another branch produces an expected time that’s longer than the min expected time, backtrack immediately as going down further only increases the expected time.

You can find out about Floyd-Warshall here and Backtracking here. I’m not gonna put the source code here but if you need help just comment in this post and I’ll help you out! Aight have fun and keep on rolling guys!!


P.S: The source code is here for your reference.

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Good day!!!

Finally things are starting to look a bit better (or at least the weather). I’m sitting in our Skillman Library Cafe enjoying the nice smell of coffee while sipping my milk-tea full of awesomeness!! It’s sunny outside and I didn’t wake up late (or skip) class today lol. Good start!

Now if you guys remember I was asked by the Facebook recruiter to solve one of their hardest puzzle and after like 4 days of crazy code-crunching and algorithm researching the grader bot finally accepted my solution. I’ll write about it in a separate post so that people who are working on it can have some ideas on how to proceed. It was really frustrating getting rejected so many times!!

So that’s good thing #1. #2 is that I got back my religion paper and the grade has been getting progressively better (1st one B, 2nd one B+, this one A-/B+). Huge credits to my friend Haruki for all his editing and grammar check. This Religion class is really hard for me due to its strange topic and the fact that I’m not that good at writing myself. Each research paper took me forever and also gave me countless papercuts (they hurt!)

As I’m graduating I gotta figure out some stuff before commencement. Speaking of my Lafayette Dance Cr3w, Synchromotion and we plan to convince other dancing teams on campus like Precision and Gossip Prone into creating an umbrella organization called Lafayette Dance Company (did I talk about this? if yes bear with me again). This big org is gonna be in charge of all dancing activities and groups on campus. By doing this, we get more funding and also more practice time slots. Each subgroup will have 1 representative in the board and 1 vote also, pretty democratic(?) right?

Dance Cr3w is also performing next week for another event and I guess that’d be the last one til my graduation. Oh my brother decided to come to my commencement so that my parents won’t have to. It’s be inconvenient for them with all the jet lags and traveling and language barrier so I think this is a better solution.

BTW another Google recruiter contacted me again and this time I decided to schedule interviews with them so those are gonna be this Friday at 1pm and 3pm (back-to-back) so that’s pretty scary!!

Anything else? Oh recently I’m addicted to watching Starcraft 2 beta matches. Seriously they’re mad cool. I’ll dedicate another post to review Starcraft 2 Beta later.

Ok that’s it for now guys. Have fun and keep on (t)rolling!! (as Ray William Johnson always says)

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Social Media is cool… interview with Exxon Mobil

So my last post was about how social media can help you can get interviews and stuff. But admit it! Social media is cool. In fact it is the future of communications right there. New terms were coined from it (google, twitter, troll…) and you can just totally express yourselves on such means.

Another thing is, social is the future. In case you don’t realize, incorporating Facebook or Twitter or Digg is pretty much a must for any sorts of services or device. If your phone can’t go to Facebook, it kinda sucks. There’re even device specifically for Twitter (it’s not as useful as it sounds but it exists).

I mentioned this cause our school website recently incorporate Facebook, Twitter and YouTube officially on the front page and there are staff members who are in charge of updating them. Such means target young high school seniors looking for a good college so I think that’s a smooth move.

I myself do not enjoy reading very much. No worries cause YouTube has all sorts of tutorials, from making a cheesecake to fixing a car. I’m actually reading a book right now, called Socialnomics:



It’s pretty new and looks like a cool one so I’m definitely trying to read this.

Another trend I think is growing right now is geo-services, or the ability to locate/broadcast your station. If I’m blogging from home/campus, my post will be geo-tagged and the location will of course show up along with it. You can share your location and everything with GPS in your phone. Well of course I don’t want people to know where I am ALL the time but I can definitely change the settings around.

Social media services themselves of course realize this trend and try to integrate into each other. Facebook is doing a pretty good job with it since it released its frameworks and allows developers to write games/plugins. Single-player game is becoming kinda obsolete now cause you can’t show off your cool “badges” or achievements your earned to your gamer crew.

Even Apple is building its own Social Gaming Network for the iPhone. Steve Jobs talked about it during the iPhone OS 4 preview last week (2 weeks?). iPhone games are small and fun so multi-player would be a pretty cool feature to incorporate.

So those are the cool stuff. What’s up w/ me? I just interviewed with Exxon Mobil and it was purely behavioral. I think the company focuses a lot of teamworks so most of the questions were about team situations. Those are the stuff they asked me

  1. Tell me about an experience where you have to make a decision to choose 1 thing over the other.
  2. Tell me about an experience where there’s a member in your team totally changed your workflow.
  3. Tell me about an experience where there’s a sudden change halfway in the direction of the project.
  4. What are you most satisfied/dissatisfied of?

So all behavioral!! I talked a lot about the projects I’m working on: MetaDB, iLafayette and senior project. It’s really hard to tell whether I did fine or not. I’m also an international student so the HR was kinda hesitant. Well we’ll see how that goes.

Aight guys have fun and keep on rolling!!

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LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter… how to get interviews

So I realized that I got a lot of interviews from big companies and I’m not bragging or anything but I’m pretty proud of it. I bombed a lot of them probably because those companies were big and I was not smart and qualified enough to work there. However I do wanna share my experience on how I got so many interviews.

Anyway so I interviewed with the following companies:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Microsoft
  4. Amazon
  5. Bloomberg
  6. Cisco
  7. Credit Suisse
  8. Deloitte
  9. IBM
  10. HP
  11. Yodle
  12. Nuance
  13. GE Energy

So about 30% of those don’t offer working VISA and for software engineer the contract is unlimited so no VISA = no offer. Some of them I interviewed with and just never got back to me and I think it’s just not professional at all.

Anyway, I think you gotta be really proactive in search for jobs so here how I did it:

1. Utilize your honor society: If you’re in 1, good for you. Exploit it!! Since you’re in an honor society chances are you can skip the phone screen part already. The guy I talked to at Amazon was 1 of the co-founder for his Epsilon Pi Upsilon chapter so he knew it and I got my interview from him.

2. Make full use of social media: It’s way more important than you think. A lot of companies use social media like LinkedIn to recruit people. Update your profile there in full details. Link it to your Fb and Twitter accounts. Be active on it. I started writing my blog as a journal so that I won’t forget things I spent 3 days doing research for and it’s very useful.

3. Tweeeet!!!: Twitter is important. Why? cause jobs are twittered every 5 minutes. I kept a Twitter client open all the time and follow LinkedIn Jobs account and trust me they tweet new jobs so regularly I can’t keep up with. Once I go to sleep, by the time I wake up there would be well more than 300 new jobs. Most are irrelevant but a lot are good positions.

4. Join professional societies/networks: I’ve mentioned this before: NSBE, SHPE and again, professional groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Their career fairs are really great opportunities to meet employers and although those are not free, it’s totally worthy.

5. Buff your resume: Buff it up! Resume is the 1st step in getting interviews and if it’s not good enough, no matter how cool and smart you are you won’t even get to step on the door.

6. Maintain a portfolio: Give a more detailed view of your work and projects. Put those up on your website since your resume can only say so much.

So I guess those are the important stuff. Once you got the interviews it’s all up to your true ability to get through. I haven’t been doing so well and I’m still working on it. Aight guys hope you enjoy my tips, have fun and keep on rolling!!!

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Facebook Puzzles… Youtube Playlist

So after I bombed that Facebook interview, the HR sent me an email telling me to do 1 of their puzzles so I’m not completely out of the game yet (shocking, right?). Anyway in case you don’t know Facebook maintain a whole bunch of coding puzzles with different difficulties and also a lot of Framework came from there. You can check out right here: Facebook Puzzles

The HR requested me to do one of the BUFFET-level puzzles, which are ranked the hardest. There are 3 and I did research on all of them:

  1. Dinosaur Island: you have to program a client that controls a dinosaur living on Facebookland. It can be either herbivore or carnivore. You have to stay alive as long as possible and your dinosaur can lay eggs and stuff… You can read more details in the link here
  2. Find Sophie: Sophie is your cat and you have to find it. You have a list of locations where it can hide with probability and time moving between each location. This is similar to the Traveling Salesman Problem (very famous) so I picked this one. You can check it out right here.
  3. FaceBull: I heard this one is the hardest so I didn’t really dig deep into it. But the link is here.

Apparently Facebook has a list of people who solved those and got hired so it’s another way of weeding out applicants. Once I solved it, they’ll evaluate my code and determine whether I can move on. They said I have unlimited time but the sooner I complete, the sooner the process can go on.

BTW Facebook is definitely THE FASTEST company that ever replied to me. My 1st interview was last Monday and I got scheduled the 2nd one on Monday night. The 2nd one was on Friday and reply was on Friday night. Dang!! Talking about HR productivity right there.

So I said I’ll talk about my Youtube playlist so here it is:

  • The 2nd part is comedy Youtubers. It’s not (totally) staged and very raw, funny as well. I watch EqualsThree where the guy named Ray William Johnson talks about viral videos every week, pretty funny, WongFu Production is also pretty funny too (Asian jokes lol). KassemG is also funny but kinda R-Rated.
  • Gaming and Music: I recently subscribed to AppleGirl002 cause she’s cute (I’m not gonna lie), can sing and uses iPhone to remix songs. MarieDigby is also very talented, same with Beatboxer Big Chocolate, Kathy Nguyen (she’s cute too). In terms of gaming, I watched a lot of Starcraft 2 replays with annotation (HDStarcraft is a good channel).

So there you go. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog (I’m hitting 2000 hits soon surprisingly lol). Have fun and keep on rolling!!

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Bad day…

Gosh today was such a bad day for me T_T I had my 2nd interview with Facebook and I bombed it… literally messed up. The interview was pretty straight forward but I couldn’t solve the algorithm question. Needless to say I felt like crap afterwards. Besides, our iLafayette talk got turned down by our CS Department Head due to “lack of CS standpoints”… my friend Khine and I were like “wth are those?” You know who I’m talking about. We were really pissed off since it’s the 2nd time we got sabotaged already. We submitted this outline and he said it lacks “CS standpoints”…

Anyway, regardless of how awful I did in the interview I’ll still wanna share the questions in case you guys are interviewing with Facebook as well. My interviewer was from Facebook mobile team and he was in charge of Fb mobile and now Fb for iPhone.

1. What is the change you would like to see most on Facebook? I talked about the chat feature cause apparently it is super buggy and errors just keep popping up. I talked about making it more stable and comprehensive to enhance real-time communication. I also mention being able to drag content from the page to the chat window and implement real-time text rendering like Google Wave. Then I went on talking about social media trend and such tool can be useful yet put quite a load into the site itself.

2. What are the changes you’d wanna make to Facebook for iPhone? I talked about native video support cause Fb right now doesn’t have it. It does have built-in browser to view Youtube videos but not native. I talked a bit about multi-tasking on iPhone is not available on old ones so quitting the app is not a good option. Then I talked about implementing the omni-bar on Fb for iPhone also (omni-bar is a search bar that searches everything and display more than just name, like the one in normal Facebook website). Then I talked about how useful it would be for people having the same names but different network and all that.

3. Technical question: How do you turn a binary tree into a circular double-linked list? The output should be the pointer to the smallest element in the tree and the algorithm should do it in place. I got stuck here trying to use recursion and flipping the tree and everything… couldn’t figure out how to do it. I googled the answer and the algorithm was pretty complicated to do in-place and pointer switching. After that I felt like crap.

That was it for 45 minutes and he said they’ll get back to me soon but I know for sure I bombed this already. Although its weekends Haruki and I still gotta debug MetaDB since our boss is having a big presentation soon. We were doing that until 4.am in the morning…

Anyway hopefully your day was much better than mine. I just felt so bad right now I just feel the need to complain about it. Don’t let my mood drag you down. Have fun and keep on rolling! Imma watch some YouTube now… hopefully I’ll feel better. Next time I’ll talk about some shows I watch on Youtube.

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iLafayette talk next Wednesday… interview with Facebook

So our project iLafayette has been going for a while and it’s time we kinda reveal it in more details to the whole campus. Khine and I plan to have a talk about it next Wednesday (April 21st) in AEC 500 at noon so drop by if your interested. I’m also graduating so we’re definitely seeking students helping out with this project including designing interfaces, icons, navigations and features.

We are planning to kinda make a “trailer” about our app but in the mean time you can check out the features right here. We do offer prototype build and instructions and if you wanna pop it on your iPhone and test it out.

Also Haruki and I are having another talk tomorrow in AEC 500 at noon about our MetaDB project so I’d really appreciate if you can come and support us. MetaDB is essentially a CMS that manages sensitive images and their metadata (author, title, description and such). The talk would be a little bit technical so just a heads up.



Now move on! I just had my 1st interview with Facebook and I think I did ok. Here’s how it goes:

We started off with the normal introduction stuff. The interviewer told me that it’s gonna be half technical half behavioral. Then he started with a behavioral question:

1. What are you passionate about? I told him about learning new technology and rapid-prototyping, turning ideas into reality and also support those statements with my iLafayette project and MetaDB

2. Can you talk a bit more about the iPhone project you just mentioned? I started describing the needs, features and designs and how we came up with it and what we wanna do with it.

3. Can you talk a bit more about the technical aspect of the project? So I mentioned how the app is divided into widgets and each mines its own data. I also pull out an example about directory search and how we plan to rank information differently (like name will be rank higher than email/phone number so that name will be searched first) and how data got parsed.

4. Any technical challenges? I talked about working in a small team of 2 people with a long list of features, also the school is changing its infrastructure so we’re just prototyping UI/UX first, then design the backend later. I also mentioned we had to deal with multiple different APIs like Drupal, Banner Self-Service and such.

5. What do you see Facebook in 5/10 years? I talked about the ability to integrate into different social media networks, ability to write a lot of plugins and apps, improvement in chat window and also UI/UX cause Facebook kept giving me random error pop-ups.

6. Technical: How do you find a small string in a big string? We used collabedit to code and it’s actually pretty smooth. It has code highlighting for a lot of languages. I talked about the naive solution of iterating through every character and check the substring from that character. I started coding with a simple Java functions, put in all boundary cases and stuff.

7. Technical: Now how do you find a small string in a file? Pretty much the same thing except for reading from input stream instead. I used an array buffer which iterates through and read each substring. He mentioned I can read 1 char instead of the whole substring. I told him about the fact that array is static and I have to shift all characters back 1 to make space for the new char so generally it’s the same. He suggested me to choose a different data structure. I said I’ll use LinkedList and just keep track of head and tail pointer then there’s no shifting and it’s also faster. Keep in mind there’re also extra overhead in wrapping the char in Node element.



Besides, I also mentioned that there’s no point checking if the number of characters left is less than the query itself so I put in the length check. He asked me to explain it and I mentioned the tradeoff of having extra condition checking but it might be worth it if the query is long and the file is small.

8. Technical: How do you recursively check for a small string in a folder? I kinda made a mistake here of identifying the wrong base case. I thought it’s the case when there’re no subfolders inside the folder but I figured out I was wrong and made the fix. I started coding and iterate through all items in the folder and just recursively calling the check function in that. The base case is that the folder is just a file.

I kept track of a found boolean while iterating through and he asked why I needed it, shouldn’t I just return directly and I was like “yeah that’s right”… but hold on, I changed my mind and explaining to him that if I return directly then it’ll return false when not found at the 1st item without iterating through so he was like oh yeah I understand now. I apologized for not explaining in details.

And that was it! I later figured out a bug that I should have set found boolean to false initially instead of true but it was too late. I should have explained about the linkedlist a bit more. Well nervousness kicked in and I made mistakes. Hopefully this will be helpful to whoever is doing technical interview. Drop a comment if you guys want, I’d really appreciate it. I was also contacted by Google again today and I’ve set up a phone call with them tomorrow. Yup, that’s what’s up!

In the mean time, have fun and keep on rolling!!

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Extravaganza done… back to work… iPhone OS 4.0

So Extravaganza is officially over and the Grand Finale was a blast. I myself had a lot of fun although I was a bit stressed out as always. Huge credits to all the performers for putting up with my grumpiness and crazy practice and inappropriate jokes. I’ll miss you guys after I graduate.

In case people wanna download the mixes we used for the performances, here they are:

  1. Whatever you like – Anya Marina, We Takin’ Over – DJ Khaled, Paper Planes – M.I.A, On To The Next One – Jay – Z: Dance Cr3w 1
  2. Wedding Dress – Taeyang, A Little Bit – Drake: Dance Cr3w 2

Now after spending so much time for the show, I couldn’t blog everyday as my resolution by on average I believe it’s still 1/day (right??). Oh BTW thanks a lot for visiting my blog, it got 1000+ hits in half a month which I never expected so thank you guys for that.

Speaking of work, I got a Religion paper due tomorrow and also senior project presentation also tomorrow so I’m working on those. Facebook decided to give me a phone screen interview on Tuesday so I’d better prepare for that as well although I know Facebook is hard.

Aside from all those personal stuff, I was noticed the iPhone is releasing their 4th version of iPhone OS in the summer, which is definitely a big thing for my iLafayette project. How?

First of all, current iPhone OS doesn’t allow Calendar access which idk why. We had to recreate the whole calendar for our iLafayette which looks kinda ghetto (it’s still prototype) but now that they’ve allowed it, the process can become much easier.

Our ghetto calendar

Our ghetto calendar

Besides, it also supports Folder which allows you to store way more than just 7 pages of apps.

iPhone OS 4.0 Folder

iPhone OS 4.0 Folder

Custom background is another cool feature that I believe a lot of people have been dying to get. The black background just doesn’t cut it. Apple also design its app caption text (border and shadows) so that it stands out in almost any background color.

Multi-tasking is another cool feature but apparently it might kill your battery life. I don’t know how Apple did it but they guarantee this problem won’t occur.

Anyway, regardless of how cool the new iPhone OS is. Mine won’t be able to run it cause it’s the 1st generation iPhone and the hardware is totally incapable of doing such cool stuff. This is a problem for us when designing iLafayette as in should we switch to iPhone OS 4.0 API or still use deprecated functions from old iPhone OS so that all iPhone can run it. Oh you can check out the Apple keynote for iPhone OS 4.0 right here.

Yeah so that’s what up. Sorry this one’s been short since I gotta catch up with work. BTW the campus weather is really nice 🙂 Have fun and keep on rolling!

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