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Starcraft 2 Beta!!! Brief Review

I’m hooked into this game!! I’m not gonna lie. Although I don’t play it that much cause I always got roasted on Battle.net (noob!! I know) and that’s the only way you can play it now. You can play with a computer but the only AI level is super easy and it’s really really easy (even I can beat it ^^).

Anyway, Blizzard’s games have always been top-notch. They only have 3 streamline series which are Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo but look at how many people still play Starcraft nowadays. They host serious competitions on Starcraft in Korea and it’s more exciting than football here (yeah that’s right!!)

So this is a serious sport!!! Although the Beta just came out and I was lucky enough to get invited to test it out, they already hold tournaments and stuff!!!

I personally think the game is still very balanced. I played Zerg most of the time because of its macro nature so I’m gonna talk about mainly Zerg here.

Now creeps do give Zerg advantages as it should be long time ago. Units can move faster on creeps so Zerg Queen can now spawn creep tumor that produces creeps. The speed advantage is pretty obvious and dangerous also. Imagine Zerglings with speed upgrade moving on creeps. Now that’s devastating!!!

Zerg has a new unit called Roach. This unit used to be so strong that Blizzard made it weaker several times already. As a tier 1 unit the damage is incredible but slow so I don’t use it anymore.

Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2

Hydralisks became tier 2 unit now. The attack is not as strong as Roach but it’s really fast, plus damage bonus to armored units (piercing) so it’s currently my unit of choice right now.

Brood Lord in Starcraft 2 is basically the equivalency of Protoss Carrier. It now produces small little guys that do ground attack and it produces them quite fast. Basically this unit does 2 things at the same time: attack and produce unit defense to distract firepower. Great unit!!

Zerg also has a unit that possesses the ability to mind control (only ground unit though) so bringing Thor or Colossus to the battleground can backfire pretty badly.

Zerg Nedus Network now can spawn at any location of sight. This is very advantageous if you want to raid someone so definitely watch out for that Overlord/Overseer floating around. They can’t attack but they can see and that’s dangerous.

Aight I suck at this game so I’m still trying to get better. If you guys get to play this, maybe we can collab sometimes. Have fun and keep on rolling guys!!

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