What do I listen to during my commute? Music Digest (01/12/11)!!!

So I just got home pretty late from work and hanging out and stuff. The commute is not too bad but it’s always nice to have some music in stock. Anyway I’ll keep it short:

1. Forget You – Glee Cast

I did start watching Glee from Season 2 and so far the music has been pretty good. I’m not a big fan of show tunes and such but Glee does cover hit songs right now and some are even better than the original. This one in particular is definitely fun and a nice start for my morning commute.

2. Run Devil Run – SNSD

Gotta leave some room for the K-pop. This is not their newest song but for some reason I always fantasize myself driving and jamming this one (Run involved?) IDK…

3. Bang – After School

Again, not a new song but hell yeah it rocks. Really energetic and catchy although the slow part is kinda awkward… After School in general is the older K-pop out there (in terms of age, not stage presence). I guess they’re 1 of those that debut then dive.

4. Rocketeer – Far East Movement ft. Ryan Tedder

Oh yeah this one has a really nice lyrics although the MV is like… wth? FM has gone a pretty far way since Like a G6 and this one is sorta like a nice other side of their music. Please don’t mind the MV -_-

5. Why are you being like this – T-ara

This song is just cute. Ofc I don’t understand the lyrics (well sorta, a lil bit). Ever since my friend showed this to me a month ago I’ve been listening to it almost everyday…

Gotta sleep now. Have fun guys!!!


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