Music Digest strikes again!!!

Ok so my new job has been making me pretty stressed out and stuff that I hardly had time for myself but well, that’s when music kicks in as a pretty decent remedy these days. The next step would be getting a car so that I can blast my own music while driving (or cruising) to my company (which is like 15 minutes away, enough for a bit more than 3 songs). They have a similar channel to Q102 in Philly that I normally listened to, called Z104. I think it’s pretty much the same thing with different frequency. But here it goes, top 5 songs I ALWAYS blast when I wake up:

1. Ghost ‘n Stuff – deadmau5 ft. Rob Swire

This song is very likely to become my next ringtone. Awesome house-like beats and there’s a great choreography for this piece, created by dancers from Step Up 3D (if you google DanceStudio in youtube you’ll find it). The clip is weird though

2. History – Vassy ft. Gorilla Zoe

I had a hard time finding this song to download so I actually bought it from iTunes. I found this out pretty much because of the same reason as the 1st one, just youtubing around and dang… nice song

3. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love – Usher ft. Pitbull

This one has been around for a while but it actually sticks. Usher made a great comeback in this album, excluding that weird song Daddy’s home (like what??)

4. Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

Seriously, who doesn’t like Katy Perry!!! The weird thing is everytime I go to the gym and put my iPhone on shuffle, this song comes up quite frequently

5. Beautiful Hangover – Big Bang

Gotta give some credit to KPop, especially Big Bang. Take a shot if you haven’t tried it.

Ok peace out!!! GTG >.<

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2 thoughts on “Music Digest strikes again!!!

  1. nessamoore says:

    Love Katy’s & Usher’s VIDEOs 😀 Nice

  2. Tra My Dang says:

    Toan nghe nhac chan du doi vay!!!!!

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