A month no blog!!!!

Sorry guys I was on vacation and so far this has been the best summer EVAR!!! I guess partially it’s because that I graduated from college (when my maturity shot off the sky) and got a job lined up in a month. I’m starting to forget how to blog lol since it’s been such a long time.

Anyway, I made a lot of new friends over the summer, most of whom are younger than me, a.k.a 9x generation. I actually had a lot of fun hanging out w/ them and our meetups are usually very high in energy. I felt like the 1st few days when I was back home, I missed the US the most. Most of my friends are there and I was in touch with them sooo frequently that I felt like “dang, shouldn’t have I stayed back instead?” 2 of my high school best friends weren’t home and as a result I wasn’t so satisfied with it.

However, I guess part of college maturity made me get my ass out there and start mingling, for real. I realized that I talked like an old man at first, with much conservatism and carefulness instead of the state of “che’m gio'”, which I got from kids I hung with. I admit that I sorta forgot the feeling of saying random stuff w/o caring, as part of becoming an adult is to take responsibilities in what I said. I still do though, so if I’m che’m gio’-ing w/ u, that means u’re one of my closer friends, whom I feel comfortable talking to and letting my guard down.

Anyway, here’s my awesome schedule:

  • Morning: having breakfast and coffee w/ friends
  • Afternoon: GTL!!!! Actually just gym, people got tan in Vietnam naturally by just going out
  • Night: Go out!!! Not really bars or clubs, but rather social gatherings, events or just pure conversations over some mediocre coffee (big fan of Muse Cafe btw!!!)
  • Later at night: chatting online with my friends, mostly in the US due to time difference. Everybody seems to be moving on alright and I’m so glad for that.

I also helped out with this conference called Vietabroader Conference and FINALLY made my face into the hottest TEEN magazine in Vietnam!!! I seriously read this for fun everyday (the magazine, not just the article) so I was definitely pumped.

Me on kenh14.vn

Me on kenh14.vn

Besides all the fun, I did got in some drama stuff over the summer… lol I guess it’s just life. Now that I’m back in the US, the fun is almost over. I’m visiting my best friend from high school in Boston this weekend, before getting ready for a completely new life in a completely new land… the Midwest!!!

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3 thoughts on “A month no blog!!!!

  1. Phuong Dong says:

    oh dear i really wish i could be in Hanoi last month. haha you look cool in TV :p hope you 2 have lots of fun this weekend!!! miss you 2 so much 😡 i havent seen you for years 😦

  2. aunglin says:

    Going for the taeyang look i see 🙂 🙂
    glad u r back bitch… 🙂

  3. Tom Benjamin says:

    GTL! Okay, so no tan is okay. Hope you still do laundry though.

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