iPhone 4 is HERE!!!

Alright I gotta blog about this before my hype went down but in general I’m super excited about the new iPhone 4 (not iPhone 4G or iPhone HD, sorry for the confusion) is coming out for pre-order on June 15th and in store later in June 24th. I was totally following the live blog of WWDC since it’s illegal to videotape the keynote from there.

iPhone 4

In case you guys wanna see a pretty detailed script of the show, check out Engadget’s version, which I believe to be the most comprehensive one will lots of pictures right here.

Now the 1st part of the show doesn’t have anything special: some reports on the sale of iPad and how revolutionary it is. In general not interesting except for the fact that statistics show Apple sells 3 iPad every second. Yeah ever second!!! After that is some news on Apple’s collaboration with different companies including Zynga. So what are we having? FARMVILLE for iPhone. I literally lol’ed but this is a good decision from Apple, given that there’re 70 Million active users on Farmville despite the fact that the game gets boring later on.

ON TO THE iPHONE 4!!!! All the rumors (well, most of them) are true!!! The iPhone 4 looks exactly like the prototype that Gizmodo got earlier this month. Steve Jobs actually joked about it since he was introducing the new iPhone and like “this is the next iPhone, which you have probably seen before”. There are a lot of new specifications that interest me, which I’ll dig into in another posts since I’m a geek O_O

Overall these are the cool stuff:

  1. New design: sleeker, but stick to the traditional candy bar shape of smartphone. They actually put a lot of awesome engineering to this since the outer case is actually part of the antenna, mainly used for increasing signal exposure and such. It’s also thinner but a little bit heavier than iPhone 3GS
  2. Double cameras: front for video calling, which is called FaceTime, only runs on WiFi, back with 5MP and LED flash, pretty standard.
  3. Retina Display: 4x the normal pixel density of a MONITOR. A normal LCD monitor has around 100 pixels per inch with this sweet babe has 396 pixels per inch, making zooming totally awesome. Steve mentioned this is extremely useful for Chinese characters (traditional) since it’s so complicated.
  4. Gyroscope: this is a bonus to the usual accelerometer, adding 6 dimensions in total for the iPhone. Now iPhone reacts to turning as well, not just tilting with respect to the ground. This also opens numerous use cases for developers and applications to dive in. Great technology!!

Yup so those are the best 4 things I’ve seen in the new iPhone 4. I’ll dig into each technology and write detail explanation later since those are all interesting stuff. Aight guys GET IT!!! I’m gonna get 1 with my 1st paycheck so I’m definitely not missing out. Have fun and keep on rolling guys!

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