My Travel Plan!!

Hi guys, sorry for not blogging recently as I just finished moving from temporary summer housing to “permanent” summer housing although I’m only staying for a little bit before going back home to enjoy my last vacation before work. I just wanna keep you guys updated on my upcoming plan until around August.

06/08 – 06/12: I’ll be hanging out with my friend Chakman in San Francisco, California. Courtesy of my college friend Martin who’s in Stanford right now. He’s a super nice guy so he’s hosting us for 4 days and I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun.

06/16/ – 07/21: I’ll be back home in Vietnam (YEAH!!!!) enjoying my last vacation blah blah, you get the idea. I’ll probably represent Lafayette in VA Conference if I get more information from them and also spend time with family, take my mom around and enjoy the finer things in life. I plan to cook for the family as usual, not all the time but I’ll try, probably make some cheescakes and banana bread, make some Indian dishes if I have all the stuff I need. I don’t know about summer love lol since I’ll be working full time soon πŸ™‚

07/21 – 08/02: Relocating to Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve found 2 places that seem very nice. They’re near bus stations which is what I need since I don’t have a car. They’re cheap (Efficiency room for $600 with electricity, water and gas with free gym, pool and laundry)

08/02: 1st day of work, which I’m looking forward to πŸ™‚ Probably starts out with training and debugging stuff but everybody’s gotta start low sometimes right πŸ™‚ The company’s campus looks really awesome πŸ™‚

Epic Cafeteria

Epic Cafeteria

I will definitely try to blog while I’m in Vietnam. I guess it’ll be a mixture of everyday life and technology stuff. Hey I might try vlog (video – blog) also since my friend Trinh suggested it so many times. I think it looks pretty fun. Aight guys have fun and keep on rolling!!

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6 thoughts on “My Travel Plan!!

  1. Luna says:

    lalala…am I the first one to reply here? hoho~ BTW, is this a new fashion or something that every one seems to start blogging?

    Congratulations on your graduation Long!!! I wish you a great summer as well. Are you still in campus by any chance? I sent you a postcard two weeks ago and it could reach someone before being trashed..

    I’m still in Germany currently and my mum is here with me..We are traveling during weekends and I’m enjoying my every day here.

    Alright, I feel like I’m writing a letter so I will stop here. Have fun!

    • Long Ho says:

      lol thanks for commenting Luna πŸ˜€ people read my blog and comment on fb (!!??) I haven’t got your letter yet lol but I’m sure it’ll come

      Have fun in Germany!!!

  2. Huong Dang says:

    I’d like to try some of your cheesecakes and banana bread lol so excited about coming home soon xoxo

  3. IkIckYOO says:

    Hey Longie,

    Some things:

    1. yummm, banana bread w/ VNese bananas
    2. Don’t forget to Vlog with your new pet parrot. It’ll be a hit!
    3. I am RSS feeding your blog now since I’m not folloing u on Twitter anymore

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