Music Digest!!! 2010/06/04

Another music digest post since I think there’re some songs that u guys might be interested. This is not ordered in any particular ways since they’re all on top of my playlist right now. Aight let’s dig in:

1. California Gurls – Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg

I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Cause it’s about California where I’m visiting next week. Seriously sunny California is like my dreamland. Katy Perry’s songs, I believe, are mainly about bashing boys and how much of a jerk they are. This one is much more fun and energetic and dang, Snoop Dogg is good. This is truly the perfect song for this summer.

2. Bulletproof (Manhattan Clique Remix Radio) – La Roux

If you like techno, you’ll love this song. It’s one of those that can be busted out in any sort of party since it has vibrant rhythms and makes you go nuts instantly. Top of my playlist for sure.

3. Naturally – Selena Gomez

Aight I’m NOT a pedophile but man this song is pretty catchy. The lyric is silly, totally but the beats are nice, especially the chorus. It’s worth checking out and you should get over your hatred towards Disney lol 🙂

4. KISS – Sandara

K-Pop is awesome! This song is also the kind you bust out in your party. Sandara is from a Korean pop group called 2NE1 (pronounced Twenty-One, the hip way). Don’t worry about the cheesy lyrics since you might not understand it anyway. Overall I haven’t got tired of this yet

5. Rock That Body – Black Eyed Peas

THIS SONG IS SOOO FUN!!! Best song to dance to. I don’t know why this didn’t take off before I Gotta Feeling since I think it’s much better. The whole album is awesome as well so if you guys can get/download it, do it ASAP. Totally worth the time/money.

Ok so those are the ones I’ve been listening to these days, aside from the previous Music Digest and my DJ Hero playlist 😀 Have fun and keep on rolling guys!!

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