Steve Jobs pwned the world!

So recently there’s a convention called D8 from a website called All Things Digital. Basically CEOs of huge tech companies including Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Qualcomm and such to interview and talk about ways they do things. Well as you might expected, Steve Jobs owned it hands down!

There were a lot of questions of how Apple do things specifically, like the whole incident of ignoring Flash to go with HTML5, a format that is not even completed, or the Foxconn tragedy, which I’ll mention a little bit later. I think Steve handled all of those pretty well as he does praise Apple products to a certain extent but not totally biased.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve stressed that Apple just wants to make good product, yet he fully understands what criteria he goes by “good”. I think he didn’t boast about the awesomeness of Apple products, which I believe they are. Steve has his own vision and he is responsible for that as a CEO. I’ll go over each issue 1 by 1.

1. Denial of Flash: I already talked about this in my previous post. It is as simple as a design tradeoff and difference in the visions of technology in the future. It was a risky move but I guess Apple has made numerous improvements in the platform for developers. If you don’t know what I mean, check out the new Wired magazine for iPad and forget about Flash:

2. Leak of iPhone 4G: I don’t think Apple handled this very well since the seize on a journalist’s house is a bit too much. Apple does have the right to do that though in case the device was in fact stolen. However, since it’s already been leaked, there’s really no point in further investigating the case other than for the sole purpose of warning the press, which didn’t work out very well. I also mentioned that earlier in my post.

3. Foxconn tragedy:In case you guys haven’t known, another man from Foxconn has died after 34-hour work. It’s not a suicide but that’s just crazy. The company was so notorious that they forced employees to sign a contract NOT to commit suicide. I’m glad Apple is taking actions on this case since they agreed to spend 1 – 2% profit to pay employees from Foxconn, which is around $150 more for each (a lot in Asia). Kudos for Apple, definitely. A lot of other companies are doing business with Foxconn also but they didn’t seem to care (Dell for example).

4. Contract with AT&T: Well this is mainly AT&T’s fault but I think they do get the benefit of being the 1st one to put trust on the iPhone among numerous other big brands like Nokia and HTC. Steve mentioned Apple’s trying its best to make the situation better but I think people are more looking forward to Apple collaborating with Verizon instead of AT&T getting better.

5. Platform war: Steve declined this since he never thought about fighting against Windows, Linux or Chrome OS which I’m suspicious. It’s true that Mac is proprietary and targets specific Apple devices but numerous comparisons have been made between Mac and Windows. Now it all comes back to how they do things since Mac can’t play game and all that stuff but it’s just design choice and there’re tradeoffs so I wouldn’t say 1 is better than the other.

If you guys wanna see the whole video, go check that out right here. Aight I’m gonna go to sleep so have fun and keep on rolling guys!!

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