What is reality??

Have you guys seen those sci-fi movies? You know Matrix, Terminator, Surrogate and such… It’s called sci-fi cause it’s science fiction but I think it should stand for Scientific Fantasy (sci-fa??? no?). Anyway those movies are pretty good, especially Matrix. I watched it since I didn’t know English so I didn’t really understand the storyline. But ever since I did understand it it’s pretty mind-blowing, and it’s pretty much what science is trying to achieve right now, I believe.

The matrix

The matrix

Now computers have been getting faster and faster, which we like to call “smarter and smarter”. I think computers are actually dumb but they do compute really fast. One of the directions in computing right now is pretty much simulation of human behaviors (robots, virtual reality, Transformers… those sorts of stuff). In case you haven’t seen the Creepy Robot Mouth, here it is:

Also Artificial Intelligence is another interesting field, which from my perspective, tries to solve problems using “natural algorithms”. We wrote a small program to solve sudoku and the algorithm is exactly what you expect: put in a number and check if it works.

Now since I’m studying Computer Science, I’ve gradually kinda shifted my thoughts revolving reality and what not. I think that human is a biological computer (sounds nerdy, I know) and computer, well, is a mechanical computer. If A.I does advance far enough, computers will become another species, given that they gain the ability to function independently. Computer viruses are called virus for a reason. It behaves exactly like a normal virus, multiplying itself among computers.

Coming back to reality, whatever I feel, hear, touch or see gives me a notion of the surrounding environment. Therefore, that’s what I think is real, well it might not. All those feelings are actually merely electrical signals sent from individual cells under my skin, straight to my brain. My brain processes that and determine how I’m gonna react to that situation, given a certain degree of randomness (or emotional feelings). You know, if it’s burning, I pull my arms back, it it tastes good, I’ll eat it. Those behaviors are rational, except for when I’m emotionally unstable (pissed off, depressed…)

Now handicapped people don’t have some of those senses. However, if I can stimulate their brain just like the way their cells do, would they think it’s reality? Say if I’m blind and ever since I was born, I’ve been equipped with dual cameras on my eyes sending signals to my brain, would I know that I’m blind? Probably not, it those cameras are covered by some silicon layer that looks like real eyes, would other people know that I’m blind? Probably not either. So am I blind or not. Most people would say those eyes are fake and you’re just imitating reality. Well, I don’t think so cause I believe reality is subjective.

Now back to the Matrix? Yeah the movie is action packed. You should see it. If you haven’t, I’m gonna spoil it right now.

So the story starts with this guy Neo, a computer hacker. He lives a normal life doing his thing until 1 day, he is told that what he thinks is real, is actually not. His notion of reality is actually a computer simulation that just sends signals to his brain while his brain produces feedbacks. Why did that happen? The setting is that computer takes over in the future and human tries to block the sun so that solar energy is not an option for their survival anymore. So how do they survive? They use human electrical brain signals as a source of energy cause it is electricity anyway. Therefore, they breed so many humans and put them in that virtual reality, just to produce energy.

Well after that is the kick-ass part where Neo learns stuff instantly and such, but that’s another thing. The scary part is, is it true? Since we can’t “get out” of reality, we can’t tell. It might be true, it might not. We don’t know what happen to people’s mind when they die… sccaarrryyy!!!

Second Life

Second Life

But anyway, the movie is fun so go check it out. Oh people are already addicted to Second Life and the Sims already so if they make characters that look as real as normal people, you never know what’s gonna happen. In the mean time have fun and keep on rolling guys.

P.S: Imma blog everyday since I’m staying on campus looking for a job right now so keep on checking 🙂

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