Long time no blog!!

So it’s been like a week since my last post, mainly because I was swamped with graduation stuff… literally. Senior week was pretty fun for me as we gather a group to go to six flags, ended up losing the car keys and stranded for like 4 hrs. It was memorable though.

My brother also came all the way from the UK and I kinda felt bad not entertaining him most of the time. We’ve never actually talked that much but I definitely appreciate his presence and photography skills. He has good taste when it comes to this!!

Graduation itself was actually… ok. I didn’t really have any particular feeling for it, probably because I’m used to the mindset of summer coming up and people leaving campus while I’m staying, this time they might leave forever though. It was raining hard also. A lot of us got wet along with our diplomas destroyed so the school actually offered to send replacements. My graduation pictures taken by the school were horrible though, definitely not gonna order them.

I actually just came back from an on-site interview with Epic Systems Corporation. The campus was really nice, although in the middle of a farm. It’s env-friendly and definitely has a college campus feeling with it. Madison itself is a nice city with University of Wisconsin right downtown. It’s a bit too quiet though but in general a good place to live if you have a family.

The flight they booked for me was kinda late so I had to crash at Lan’s place for a night. She’s still busy as always and her bf Terry’s there, getting ready for his Master’s graduation.

I spent most of the day hanging out with some of my best friends: Chakman, Aung, Ada and her sister Teresa. We went to Coney Island to get a taste of the ocean and also visit TJ who works close by. The whole day was really fun but now that I’m on the bus back to campus, reality kicks in… again.

Anyway this blog is pretty much just to update on my life so imma tag this as Life Stories (not quite). I’ll resume blogging tomorrow. I plan to look for a job here and of course exploit my school library as much as I can while it’s still available. Oh and Starcraft 2 Beta also lol. Have fun and keep on rolling guys.

BTW, sorry I didn’t include any picture in this post. I hate reading just texts so I always try to spice things up a little bit.

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