4 days till commencement!!!

22nd of May that is. I’m not really a big fan of graduation and stuff. Out high school “graduation ceremony” was uhhh… just like any other Monday. I don’t know how you guys do it, but here in the Great Soviet Russia… not really, more like Socialist Republic of Vietnam, we have to gather every Monday (the beginning of the week) and sing the national anthem. We call it “say hello to my little flag” (yeah that’s how you translate it).

I don’t remember the US anthem but our national anthem is mad violent. Dang it involved killing and gory scene of soldiers stepping on enemy’s corpses and people cheering for them. Really bloody!! Yet kids sing it every week, from primary school to… probably when you die or change citizenship. Now it sounds pretty messed up but kids don’t really understand what that means, “if the beat is right, they’re gonna move all night”. Well not quite, but close.

My High School

My High School

Our "new" gate... now old

Our "new" gate... now old

Our high school “graduation ceremony” was just like that, plus some speech from the school president. Then the VP of Studies (or Dean of Studies here) brought out this huge drum and started drumming like he’s never drummed ever. Students were crying and taking pictures with our Asian poses. After that would be the party, technically. Prom didn’t exist until I think 4 or 5 years recently. It was not as fancy as high school here with limousine and venue. Everything took place within the school yard, of course with some “pre-game” alcohol involved (not me, I’m clean).

After high school people still keep in touch, mainly cause they live in the area, unlike here where students come from all over the country/world. It’s hard to do so but you guys got the Facebook, which is great.

Anyway, my friend Chinh just picked up her dad the other day from JFK. He’s gonna be here for a while traveling and stuff. He’s still having jet lag and all but yesterday he dropped by to have dinner with us (I cooked, hi-5!!! No?? Aight T_T). I was just watching TV and he walked in and he was like: “Long, your room is so nice and big, and even has kitchen”. I was like LOL, LMAO, ROFLMFAO and told him my room is next door, not this one. Well I wish it were. Lol anyway that was funny (yeah?? no??)

So far senior week has been pretty boring. I just wanna hang out w/ my friends since there’s a slim chance I’m gonna see them ever again after graduation. I bombed this semester btw lol but it’s ok, it’s over. We’re going to Six Flags today so it’s gonna be a long long day for me. I gotta go to sleep so have fun and keep on rolling guys!!

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