Happy birthday YouTube!!!

Yeah come on you guys probably watch YouTube more than TV (or study lol) so you should probably celebrate this. YouTube is marking its 5th anniversary, ever since 2005 when YouTube.com was registered by 2 guys sharing (probably illegal) videos with each other. Now it’s totally big, well actually after Google acquired it and kinda trashed the whole Google video thing.

Some history:

Now YouTube is awesome. PERIOD. It’s pretty much the biggest source of inspirations you can ever get, especially if you’re into… anything!! Seriously. Clicking on a featured video on the front page can bring you to all sorts of talented people that you never knew existed (minus 2 girls 1 cup and BME Pain Olympics, those are really really disturbing).

FIY, a lot of people became famous from YouTube. Justin Bieber is 1 (pls don’t go crazy over Bieber Fever crap). Marie Digby is another and of course many many more.

In case you guys don’t know, YouTube now supports 3D videos!! 3D!!! That’s triple D bro!!! Hmm… not that D I mean -_-

Anyway, thanks a lot YouTube for inspiring us over the years. You’re awesome. Whichever country’s blocking YouTube right now, you guys better un-block it.

Some other random stuff I found out: What’s the deal with tech leaks in Vietnam?? Another MacBook leak just happened, full article’s right here so you can check that out. I’m kinda proud actually cause we normally don’t get that much attention at all and suddenly 2 top secret Apple products arrived out of nowhere (well out of some guy’s pocket, but still).

Aight I guess that’s it for this one. It’s kinda short and oh, I’ll write about Starcraft 2 Strategy next time. Promise!! Have fun and keep on rolling guys!

Oh snap, I forgot, check out the YouTube anniversary channel right here: YouTube 5 year

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