Ok now that I’m graduating!!

JOBS!!! Still looking for one T_T But I was talking to my friends and I always know that engineers always seem to get paid higher than analysts and sometimes investment bankers. Their job security is also better, too. Now I didn’t really do a lot of research but based on my work experience and observations, it’s not because engineers are smarter or work harder, it’s more because of the nature of the job itself.

What I’ve heard from my friends working as analysts both full-time and intern. The nature of the job is rather dynamic, which includes data analysis, applying algorithms, generating reports and such. It takes a lot of skills to do well in those kind of stuff, but there’s no attachments between the analyst and the data itself. Engineers, on the other hand, are assigned to projects. Most of those projects are long-term and your name will be in there so you’re sticking with it for a long time.

How does that make a difference? Well, I think it’s generally easier to find another analyst as replacement since the data is always there, ready to dig in. The risk level is also pretty high since I don’t think there’s QA (Quality Assurance) for Analyst. You know it’s wrong if it doesn’t “make sense”. Probably that’s why contract for Analyst is limited while for engineer, it’s normally unlimited (unless you do really really bad and got kicked out).

It’s also harder to find replacement for engineers. I believe that most companies actually don’t replace them. They advanced higher (manager or senior level) and someone needs to fill that position. That’s how the new batch comes in. Also, you do get very attached to your project. I personally wouldn’t let people touch my code cause I have my own specific way of doing things and getting back to them later. If someone changes it, even if they did it right, it still takes time for me to understand that piece of code and change it to my style. Therefore, finding a replacement is very hard. We’re actually having trouble finding someone for my spot in MetaDB since I’m graduating. Also, for engineers, they know they’re doing it wrong cause it obviously wouldn’t pass the system test, which is much more credible than common sense, I believe.

So I don’t think it’s really unfair for analysts and engineers. Analysts got a lot of good soft skills and perks and everything that we geeks just don’t. So later on, it’s easier for analysts to advance to manager position, which better fits the nature of the job. That’s why a lot of tech companies maintain dual advance tracks: Manager and Sole Contributors. They get paid equally, just doing different stuff. Sole contributors are the tech gurus, masters of technologies and nothing else. Managers know how to deal with people and teams. Two side of the coins yeah?

Ok that’s that. Did I mention I’m reading (hi-5 for reading?? No? T_T Aight). Anyway, web design! My favorite thing (Don’t worry I still play Starcraft 2, not as regularly though).

I just wanna say that if it’s the book is about design, it’d better look good. A dull book about good design is just epic fail right there. I’m looking at 2 books, 1 by O’Reilly (Mobile Design and Development), big publisher with great titles, the other one by a young web developer (Designing with web standards) and I personally enjoy the latter more. Just look at the 2:

Designing with web standards

Designing with web standards

Mobile Design and Development

Mobile Design and Development

Which one would you rather read? For me, it’s designing with web standards cause it LOOKS BETTER. White paper and black text have been used for a gazillion of years already. Call me superficial but I really think if it’s gonna talk about how to make beautiful websites, how is it gonna even represent gradient color green, which is pretty much the symbol of Web 2.0? “Uh imagine this grey-ish black color as red”… dang that’s not helping, you’re talking about #FF0000 red or what red?

And once again, the Times New Roman font, please… Helvetica is the future! Anyway I’m not really bashing, just my personal opinion. Please keep in mind there’s always trade-offs (as I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts) which can be cost of inks, conformation to different standards and all that. But still! I think it’s just helping.

Aight guys gotta go to sleep now. I’ll be on campus this summer wrapping up MetaDB and looking for a replacement (some underclassmen majoring in CS for sure). Have fun and keep on rolling!!

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2 thoughts on “Ok now that I’m graduating!!

  1. Chinh Do says:

    5 years ago u started a non-sense yet very popular blog (about “ABC”, cho’ meo` ma^y mu*a etc…)

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