Some Starcraft 2 Beta Strategies!! Terran first…

Lolz I have been playing this game almost every night since break starts. This game is totally MIND-BLASTING due to its comprehensiveness in strategies. I play random cause it’s kinda more fun than getting stuck with 1 particular race. With that said, I’m still better at Zerg for some reason (Nedus??!!). Anyway I just wanna share some strategies I picked up after playing the game for a while. Success rates really depend on your opponent as these strategies are pretty well-known.

Some common terms:

  1. Racks – Barracks
  2. Depot – Supply Depot
  3. Port – Starports
  4. Proxy – to build your base/racks/factories close to your enemy’s base, risky of being detected but moving distance is much shorter. So proxy racks means build racks near your enemy’s base
  5. Micro – the art of control individual unit to deal fatal damage. For ex: reaper vs. zealot. Since reaper is range and there’s a pause between each shot, you can move your reaper, shoot, move, shoot so that zealot will never catch up.

Aight, start with Terran:



Now Terran is actually pretty hard to play with, or at least for me. Whenever I get Terran I’m always like “dang… probably I lose”. Terran is strong, but needs a lot of micro. Most Terran units are ranged (except for SCVs) so micro-ing is definitely key. But there’re a few stuff you can do with Terran:

First of all, BLOCK YOUR BASE!! Block it no matter what, Terran buildings can fly so there’s really no harm blocking ur base, also gives u extra layer of defense.

1. Reaper harass: Any sort of harassment is risky since you pretty much focus on that particular build for that unit. Reapers can jump up and down the hill so they move pretty fast, especially against Zealots (not Speedlings though). Basically you wanna go 9 Depot – 11 Barrack – Refinery – Tech Lab and pump around 2 or 3 reapers. Their guns are ok, 2 shots kill 1 probes but their grenades vs. building has 30 damage so a bunch can take care of any building pretty fast.

2. Tank rush: Start the same with 9 Depot – 11 Barrack – Refinery, then go Factory a.s.a.p. Then keep pumping Marines (yeah those are important), research Siege and pump Tanks. If you have spare cash, go to Starport a.s.a.p then pump Medivac. Medivac can heal and transport so those are so powerful. They can also act as dummies and take the hit whole your infantries stimpacked themselves. This needs a lot of micro since tanks always go behind infantry with Medivac flying on top. I won a lot with this build, especially you can harass from downhill to uphill and the Medivac will give you the view to shoot. Also, you can bring 1 SCV with you to repair the tank, or even build a bunker right there for the marines. Pretty effective method

3. Nuclear rush: Very similar build, this time go Nuclear Silo asap. Don’t just build 1. 1 nuke doesnt help that much. In Starcraft 2 the message Nuclear Launch Detected is a bit harder to spot for some reason (left side panel, small text). I personally think nuking the army is much more effective than nuking the economy (great if you can do both)

4. Defend, then mass: not ideal since you don’t get control of the map, which is important. Mass terran is not always the best, especially against Protoss which is so strong when mass (Void Rays, Collosus…). So if you wanna mass, I like to stick with a combo of Marines, Marauders (with Stimpacks and Concussive Shells of course), Medivac, some Tanks and some Thors. Battlecruisers are actually pretty good but I don’t see people use it as much in SC2, probably because of the Thor, which does splash damage anti-air.

Aight so that’s it for now. I’ll talk about Zerg or Protoss next time 🙂 Have fun and keep on practicing guys.

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