iPhone 4G prototype in Vietnam ??!!!

So I’m finally done with my new design, including migrating the content to patch in with the new template and everything so come check it out. If you like it, click Like!!! Yeah I put the Facebook Like button there lol

Final Design AznDezign v4.0

Final Design AznDezign v4.0

Yeah that’s that. I’m also finalizing my summer plan after graduation but it’s likely I’m staying on campus for like 2 months while looking for a job T_T It turns out I can only work starting June 15th so I’m chilling for a month, then wrap up MetaDB… Ugh stressful for sure. Right now I’m just reading random COOL stuff including the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. Sounds pretty cool and definitely helpful for iLafayette project.

In case u guys don’t know, the iPhone 4G somehow appeared in Vietnam. Yeah LEGIT!!! It’s not another Chinese knock-off, the guy actually paid $4K for the prototype and they even uploaded a review on youtube. This one is almost identical to the one Gizmodo found.

The strange thing is the websites that got the iPhone got DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service, basically means they’re down) -_-” Is this Apple again? The video of the iPhone racked up around 2M views in a week. Dang!! A lot of ppl checked it out although they don’t understand Vietnamese. You can read the article about it IN ENGLISH here.


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