Website redesigned… again!

So I’ve been reading about design and thinking and dreaming and all that. Well, the main reason for a (hopefully) facelift of my web site is I kinda have too much free time until graduation. I realize the one I’m using is too simple that it requires a bunch of clicking around… my bad! This design is more compact and kinda matches with my portfolio.

I’m still thinking of changing things around like the background color to some kinda pattern, especially the SM (Social Media) bar on the left hand side. Anyway, I just wanna put this out there. Leave me some comments/feedbacks on this one and I’d really appreciate it.

New AznDezign design

New AznDezign design

So that’s the new one. Looking back at the old ones, I think it’s been getting progressively better (hi-5!!! No?). In the mean time, have fun and keep on designing guys!!

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