Best iPhone Games!!! Well, at least IMO

Now iPhone is a revolutionary gaming device!!! That’s just fact right there. There’re SOOO many fun games on iPhone and most of them cost a buck!! They have replay values as well, making iPhone SDK the ideal portable gaming platform right now. Of course it will burn ur battery if you’re playing graphically-intense games but what gaming device doesn’t so you’d better have that white cable ready.

Besides iPhone u have the PSP, Nintendo DS and all that but those definitely won’t fit in your pocket and they can’t do anything else other than gaming. Dang I’m obsessed with iPhone right now but let’s cut the crap and move on with the gamelist:

1. Chaos Rings ($12.99)

Chaos Rings

Chaos Rings

This is the BEST RPG game on iPhone ever!!! And it’s made by Square Enix, the company that made Final Fantasy series. This game is rated as better than FFXIII in terms of gameplay and storyline. I’m not gonna spoil but if ur a RPG fanboy, get this game ASAP!!! The graphics is actually very decent, combat system is fun and definitely has replay value.

2. Paper Toss (Free)

Paper Toss

Paper Toss

The game is mad simple and addicting. You have the wind blowing at different direction with different speed and you’re trying to toss the paper into the bin. Just that but you’ll get so hooked into it since it’s so small and simple. Definitely worth checking out.

3. Doodle Jump ($0.99)

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump

You control a guy called “Doodle”. He keeps jumping and you just tilt your iPhone to change the direction to left or right. He has to land on a platform or you’ll lose. This game is also simple but very exciting. My friends play this soo much and they got well above 40K score.

4. Angry Birds ($0.99) – Lite version is free

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

The story made me LOL literally. You have a bunch of birds whose eggs got stolen by the pigs. Now you’re shooting your birds with a slingshot to take the pigs down, in their fortresses. It’s sooo funny when you realize your birds have special power and everything. Definitely worth checking out.

5. Traffic Rush (Free)

Traffic Rush

Traffic Rush

Another very simple game and also addicting. You basically control the traffic and swipe a car to accelerate or stop it. The goal is no accident. I play this all the time when I’m waiting for something or just bored.

So there u go 5 games that I think are very good to get. Get them and get hooked!! Have fun guys!

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