Last class in college!!

I’m in my last class in college right now blogging about it. The professor is approaching and I’m gonna switch to a legit screen in 3…2…1 nah he left. Nah I keeed!! I wouldn’t do such thing in class 😛 Oh btw I changed the theme to a new WordPress theme, talkin about STYLEZ!!! I didn’t make it though. I will!!

My last class is Theories of Religion, an Advanced Writing class that’s part of our curriculum requirements. I’m really not a big fan of writing but this class has been going pretty well actually so underclassmen, consider taking this class if you’re not Econ (I know Econ has a whole bunch of writing classes)

The class itself only has 4 paper, 3 small and 1 big one, not too bad at all. The topics themselves are very abstract, probably because of the nature of religion itself but overall it’s been a pretty decent class. The professor is super nice and helpful.



So aside from that I’m still deciding on whether I should go back immediately or stay in the US for a while. It’s a tough choice given that if I come back, I’ll get a job but I won’t be able to come back to the States in probably 2 years or so. Staying here apparently is mad expensive!!

I’m kinda leaning towards staying here for a couple of months. At least I’m staying on campus to wrap up MetaDB3 for a month or so cause the ticket right now is just way too expensive. I actually plan to move to the West Coast after that if I’m staying, for probably 2 months. West Coast itself is just generally better for IT and CS students. There’re a couple of opportunities in NYC which look very appealing also. I haven’t decided yet.

Also congrats to my friend Chakman for getting 2 awesome offers (SO FAR!!!). He’s been stressed out over this for so long especially with his family situation. Good job man!!

Ok that aside, let’s move on to something cool. Now if you remember the whole netbook boom back in the day (like last year). IT’S OVER!!!

Netbook is dead

Netbook is dead

Now I’m not surprised at all to be honest. Netbook is lightweight, energy-efficient, cheap and definitely a good option for traveling but its usage is very limited. It’s only good for certain basic tasks like browsing webs and checking emails but those apparently does not worth $400. Most smartphones can do that already.

Also given the iPad debut the other day, that thing can do so much more than a netbook due to the Apple Store on its back. Linux did come up with Netbook version of Ubuntu but the kind of small apps that are fun, useful and engaging can only be seen in Apple Store. Android market is catching up but I think it’s gonna take a while.

Well you have probably seen my previous entry on Chrome OS so that might bring new life to netbooks. Aight thats it for today, imma try to finish my projects and prepare for next week’s interview with Epic! Have fun and keep on rolling guys!!

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2 thoughts on “Last class in college!!

  1. farah says:

    lol! you are crazy! :p

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