Music Digest!!

So I’m graduating and graduation is depressing!! That aside I’m gonna start a new category called Music Digest where I put new songs that I think are pretty (really) good. Before going into that, this is what I’ve been up to these days:

  1. Finishing OS homework, which is due this Friday
  2. Working on OS project 2, due May 14th but I don’t wanna work on it later since I’m planning to travel a bit
  3. Study for OS final exam.
  4. MAKE MY OWN WORDPRESS THEME!!! Yeah this is something I really wanna do, partly because I wanna learn some PHP and also personalize my blog. You know, gotta have the STYLEZZ!!
  5. Get better at Starcraft 2 T_T

Aight so may I present my music digest:

1. Pyramid – Charice feat. IYAZ: In case you don’t know Charice, she was famous since she was like 8/9 years old. She got invited to Oprah and everything but this is her debut in the US. This song is awesome!! She’s Fillipino btw, ASIANS FTW!!!

2. Airplanes – B.O.B feat Hayley Williams: Pretty awesome song as well. B.o.B was know for Nothin’ on You with Bruno Mars and he’s making it big.

3. I Made It – Kevin Rudolf ft. a whole bunch of other people including Lil Wayne: Kevin has a nice voice I must say, even from Let It Rock.

4. Alejandro – Lady Gaga: If you like Lady Gaga, you’ll like this song. It’s actually pretty typical techno kinda beats.

5. Billionaire – Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars: Pretty nice combination although I don’t really like the rapper’s voice. Bruno Mars has an amazing voice actually. Definitely worth checking out.

Ok so I’ll tag those separately so if you wanna follow my music digest just click on the category!!! Hope that brightens up ur week cause it did for mine. Have fun and keep on rolling guys!!

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2 thoughts on “Music Digest!!

  1. Haruki says:

    Actually Alejandro is a tribute to ABBA and Ace of Base

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