Blackout!!! Apocalypse!!

So we’re having a blackout right now and I’m using my Macbook cause I’m awesome 😛 Anyway it’s like the 3rd Blackout so far this semester and I remember 1st time coming to the US I was sorta guaranteed free electricity 24/7 (along with free gym, free housing and free food) but I guess that’s not true T_T

There’re always dramas happening when there’s blackout. People screaming and shouting in the library because of the following reaons:

  1. Coffee machines are down. As college students, we need caffein in the forms of tea and coffee. No caffein = end of the world!!!
  2. Computers are down and people lose their works. Yeah I’m sympathetic but seriously don’t save your files locally when ur using library computers. Use your student shared drive, or Google Docs, which saves every 10 seconds.
  3. No laundry. Yeah that means no GTL either T_T
  4. No entertainment. We rely so heavily on TVs and computers that we cant do anything without them. Plus its raining outside.

It’s also raining like crazy with tornadoes outside and I’m scared of trees during this time. Legit!!! We got several treefall incidents already and while I was walking back to Keefe a huge branch fell right in front of me!!

The campus scenery is awesome but treefall here is seriously devastating. We had 1 treefall near Conway which totally killed the electricity lines there. Another tree just fell right in front of Keefe and it was surprisingly huge. That scared a LOT of people!!



OMG APOCALYPSE IS COMING!!! Better stock up my food!! Nah j/k, I just wanna get paranoid and blog about it. Aight have fun guys!!! Keep on rolling!!

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4 thoughts on “Blackout!!! Apocalypse!!

  1. Aung lin says:

    yeah i’m writing a comment about your blog when there is a black out too….because i’m awesome 😀

  2. farah says:

    i can just imagine your face when the branch fell in front of you. but sth tells me you are exaggerating.

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