Flash on Apple devices??

Hi guys,

So I’ve been pretty busy over the weekends to blog. Well actually I was playing Starcraft 2 Beta most of the time while multi-tasking my paper and homework. I kinda suck at it but playing with friends is definitely fun. BTW I play Zerg and always lose in 1v1 Zerg vs. Protoss. Any help on strategies???

Anyway, that aside, have you guys read about Steve Jobs bashing Adobe (the company that produces Flash framework) recently? Yes, no? Check out his “essay” right here.

Now that essay above is definitely fun to read and probably more appreciative for geek kids like me. There’s been a war going on about this issue so I just wanna share some of my thoughts about this.

Flash? Not gonna happen

Flash? Not gonna happen

First of all, it is true that Flash is proprietary (meaning not open-source). iPhone OS, Mac OS, Windows OS are also proprietary also. Jobs was criticizing this cause a proprietary framework is definitely not scalable like open-source HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. It definitely limits developers in writing specific applications for that framework. The OSes that Jobs mentioned were cool I guess cause it’s device-specific already. iPhone OS runs on iPhone, Mac OS runs on Mac, Windows OS runs on normal PC and interchangibility is definitely an issue. Flash on the other hand is just a framework on top of the OS so open-source is definitely better when it comes to cross-platform compatibility. With that said, if Adobe was to make a Flash OS, Jobs wouldn’t be criticizing it.

Jobs also mentioned “full web”. It is true that flash brings interactivity to web but web 2.0 doesn’t need it. In fact, when it comes to famous websites like Facebook, Twitter or Google, simplicity is key. Let’s not forget that putting Flash on your website causes extra loading overhead to the browser and to your system as well.

Performance for Flash is also pretty bad on non-Windows machines. Running Flash on my Mac killed the battery life so fast I started switching to Youtube HTML5 version. Flash is also mad laggy on my Linux machine. Yours might be better but mine sucks. The whole reason behind it is Mac OS does not let software like Flash utilize graphics card hardware decoder. Therefore it has to run software decoder in the OS which causes uber extra processing power. I think this is Apple’s fault instead of Flash’s fault.

The same thing also applies to games on Mac. I don’t play heavy-graphical games on Mac PERIOD. It burns my Macbook, which burns my lap and the fan is just super annoying. Windows OS has the whole DirectX library letting you utilize hardware as much as you can. Well that’s cool, super cool! But lets also not forget that granting permission for such low-level operations can cause a LOT of vulnerability issues. One more reason why there’re gazillions of virus for Windows but not for Mac cause Mac just doesn’t allow you to do such things.

I don’t wanna get too much into Windows vs. Mac thing but people hate Windows most of the time cause it crashes and all that stuff. I think those people don’t use 10% of what Windows offers and what they wanna do just happen to crash. Mac on the other hand handles those tasks well cause it limits you into just doing those tasks. It’s very task-specific as I’ve said. Google is coming out with Google Chrome OS, which targets web surfing. The intro video is right below but essentially it strips everything from a computer but the browser cause if you only cares about social media and emails, thats all you want anyway. It’s much faster but doesnt do much.

So Windows can do 148175 things but not everything is perfect, Mac can do half of that but better, Chrome OS, I imagine, can do 1 thing but perfect.

Ok now the last thing is UI. It is true that Flash was designed for keyboard and mouse. A lot of the mouse events like mouse hover (when you put ur mouse over sth but doesn’t click), something will pop-up. iPhone/iPad devices uses touch, multi-touch and Flash just can’t handle it. Actually it can, but apparently Adobe will have to change the framework itself, and since Flash is proprietary most Flash applications will have to be re-written. If thats the case you might as well rewrite your app to iPhone app or HTML5 webapp already.

Personally I don’t like Flash mainly because of the performance and I’m a geek who’s obsessed with micro-optimizing stuff although I can’t do that most of the time. Apple has revolutionize user interaction with device and web browser and it’s definitely the future. However in the mean time when keyboard and mouse dominate (just like IE does), we have to take that into account for sure.

Apple definitely doesn’t want Flash cause they can’t redesign their OS and app store is doing amazing. It’s a good trade-off I think. Adobe will have to come up with something new to adapt to new standards and everything. They’ve been pretty slow in changing to codebase to fully compatible with Cocoa/Carbon in Mac OS X and its just not cool for such a big company.

Aight guys if you disagree or have any thoughts, leave me a comment below cause my knowledge is limited. Have fun and keep on rolling guys!!

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