DJJJJJJ Heeeeerrroooo!!!

DJ Hero!!! That’s right!!! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, imagine Guitar Hero with a TURNTABLE!! That’s how cool the game is!!

DJ Hero

DJ Hero

Activision has been pretty successful with its Guitar Hero series until Rock Band came in and took the throne as 1 of the funnest game to play with multiplayers. If you haven’t played Rock Band, get a set and start inviting friends over!! Anyway, Activition came out with Band Hero but I don’t think it captured the hype that Rock Band carries.

And then it comes DJ Hero!! A simplified version of a DJ Turntable. The gameplay is very similar to any sort of rhythm-based games in the market: Rock Band, DDR, Guitar Hero, Tap Tap Revenge… The awesome part is actually getting your hands on the turntable and master it. It took me around a week to get to like average level but the hardest one is just like impossible.

Yet that’s still not the best part of the game. The music in this game is THE BEST I’ve ever heard. Apparently the company hired a lot of professional DJs to create those mixes and man, the quality is definitely much better than normal mixtapes you hear in the club and stuff.

All the fun stuff combined really makes you dance while playing this awesome game. You can also play with a guitar, or a mic so multiplayer is definitely possible. Below are some of the best mixes I’ve heard in the game:

1. Boom Boom Pow vs. Satisfaction

2. Hollaback Girl vs. Feel Good Inc.

3. Feel Good Inc. vs. Atomic

Aight top 3 songs, there’re a lot more awesome mixes but you gotta buy the game to explore those. If you want those mp3s drop me a comment and I’ll email them to you. In the mean time, have fun and keep on rolling guys!!

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