Apple gone wild??

Aight so I just found out (after 3 days) that the reporter Jason Chen who was writing articles on the lost iPhone (which he purchased for $5,000) just got his home razed!!! By the (Apple) Police!! Dang, talking about freedom of speech right there.

The story is that he was chilling with his wife having 1 of those romantic dates. After that they came back home only to find out the police was BROKE through the front door and seizing his properties. He kinda expected this and didn’t flip out or anything. But I mean this is pretty crazy how Apple handled the situation of a leaked prototype, which was their fault in the beginning. In case you don’t know, the one who found iPhone 4G was trying to give it back to Apple by calling Customer Service but of course they are not aware of such product so he just received a ticket number instead.

Jason Chen Search Warrant

Jason Chen Search Warrant

I guess Apple was making sure that he didn’t uncover any trade secrets from the phone that he didn’t publish, but this is a bit too much. You can see the details right here. Honestly I feel really bad for the guys, he lost like 4 computers and 2 servers and a whole bunch of other stuff. Bad Apple!!

John Stewart also made fun of it as well and he’s funny:

Ok so that’s that. My friend Pooja also asked me for a list of like HTML tutorials and stuff so here’s my 2 cents:

First of all HTML is a markup language (HyperText Markup Language is what it stands for). It relies heavily on web browser to actually display the images and buttons and stuff. There’re a lot of editing tools for it, including WYSIWYG and normal text editor. WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get, with more precise definition here. Those tools give you a better visualization of how things are gonna look like but it also shows lack of professionalism since it kinda shows that you don’t really understand HTML, thus not knowing what it will look like.

One of those WYSIWYG tools are Dreamweaver by Adobe, which is heavily used . Dashboard by Apple is also one of those, but geared more towards Safari and Safari Mobile (or iPhone Safari browser). Technically you don’t need those but for beginners they might be very useful. Remember HTML is just text so any text editor would do.

Some of the good tutorials I found are:

W3School: Yeah this one has tutorials on HTML/CSS/JavaScript and those are pretty short and precise.

Principle of Beautiful Web Design: This book is awesome. It teaches u the very basic web design stuff with a certain level of technicality.

Learning Web Design: Another one, more technical and basic, also a pretty good source.

So probably that’s enough to get you started. Have fun and keep on designing!!! And Apple is bad this time, BAD!!

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One thought on “Apple gone wild??

  1. […] 2. Leak of iPhone 4G: I don’t think Apple handled this very well since the seize on a journalist’s house is a bit too much. Apple does have the right to do that though in case the device was in fact stolen. However, since it’s already been leaked, there’s really no point in further investigating the case other than for the sole purpose of warning the press, which didn’t work out very well. I also mentioned that earlier in my post. […]

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