Ugh!! Volcano Ashes???

Aight bad news: Facebook rejected me although I solved Find Sophie. I do know that I couldn’t answer the algorithm question in their 2nd interview but they should have rejected me since, which would have saved me a lot of time on that puzzle. Well at least now I can help others who are trying to solve it so overall it was an OK experience.

Right now I’m still pretty swarmed with papers and projects but it’s been getting better. I should really look into buying ticket to go back home and also ship all my stuff back (yeah the desktop is gonna be a pain and I don’t wanna buy another one back home, it’s much more expensive!!!). Chinh and I are probably gonna get a container (not the whole big one but rather part of it). I don’t know how expensive that can be!! Any help here?

Anyway so besides the offer I got from the start-up iPhone app company back home, I applied to VNG Corp and the recruiter responded promptly. He sounds really nice and everything so it looks like a great company to work for. They have a LOT of perks, much to my surprise. I’ll try to land this job. Working for a gaming company is definitely fun and given that Facebook is blocked in Vietnam (I don’t know how people can still sneak through), VNG Corp might as well build their own social media framework. I was also very impressed since the company made the 1st EVAR Vietnamese MMORPG (trailer below):

OK aside from all the bad stuff happening, I read about this volcano ash incident (probably you’ve heard of it, but here’s what I found out). So basically, this volcano, named (I swear I didn’t make this up) Eyjafjallajokull (what were they thinking??), burst out and release a lot of lava and ashes. To my surprise, the ashes turned out to be a huge problem as all European airlines had to cancel their flights due to the potential damage from the ashes (oh snap!! Apocalypse flash back!!).

Volcano Ashes

Volcano Ashes

Now everything seems to be cool now. They restarted their airlines and this is a clip showing how COOL that looks (don’t worry about the dramatic background music):

I mean dang Europeans!! Someone’s travelling right now by the time I finish this post.

Oh I also had a conversation with my friend Pooja (she’s probably reading this) and apparently she’s the master of Illustrator. She’s an Art major and I was convincing her to turn her ideas in web designs and also keep track of a portfolio. It really comes in handy. Pj was reluctant since she didn’t really know HTML/CSS so I told her to grab a book and start learning cause that’s how people learn things. Well now come to think about it, I might start writing tutorials on HTML/CSS myself. I’m not really “Smokin’ Hot” at it but information sharing is beneficial.

Also huge thanks to people visiting my blog. I started writing this blog cause I almost killed myself over depression. No I didn’t j/k ^^. Well I wanna share my lifestories pretty much and knowing that there’re people reading this is pretty awesome!!! BTW my blog visit is hitting 3K soon. Hell yeah 3K baby!!!

Aight guys have fun and keep on rolling!!

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