Frustrating Bug!!!

So I mentioned that our boss Eric is having a big presentation coming up at Yale University and Haruki and I have been working non-stop to make sure our webapp doesn’t crash. We’re coming really close until this fatal “bug” popped out because of another piece of software our boss was using. Basically we had some issues with the compatibility between ours and his (it’s called Contentdm btw) so we’ve been trying to fix it for so long.

Even though I missed the career fair in NYC my friend Chinh was kind enough to get me the agenda. It looks pretty professional although half of it was about people’ profiles, which in my opinion wasn’t ideal for a career fair. I’m not criticizing or anything cause people put a lot of efforts into it and I do understand that this is the 1st year so it wasn’t as successful as the board would have imagined. Out of all the companies’ pages at the back, VNG Corp surprisingly has a pretty decent brochure design which impressed me a lot. You can check out its website here (not as fancy as its brochure).

Ok that’s that. Now move on to the cool stuff (or stuff I think are cool). First of all, the Ironman 2 Suit Video:

Now is that cool or what? So this looks like a compact version of Ironman suit and it totally serves the purpose. The coolest part is of course the small pieces of the suit all fit together nicely and I don’t know is it just me being geeky and all but that’s sexy right there (I’m not saying Megan Fox is not). I guess the perception of seeing how things work turns me on (boom chicka wow).

Ok there’s another thing I wanna mention. It’s a poster that basically says “Don’t talk on ur cellphone while driving”, but up a notch:

Don't talk while driving

Don't talk while driving

Wow this is mind-blowing right here, both gruesome and creative. First time I’ve ever seen such a poster. Normally those types are filled with skeleton and you know what, danger sign and stuff. This one is just cool PERIOD!!

Aight that’s it for today. I was so busy with stuff I didn’t really read as much news and cool stuff as I normally do!! Have fun and keep on rolling guys!

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2 thoughts on “Frustrating Bug!!!

  1. Haruki says:

    lol we should get paid for like 30 hours this week

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