Cool stuff over the week!!!

I just came back from the formal and am really tired right now so imma keep this blog short. So I was just reading some tech blog and there’re a couple of cool stuff I wanna share.

First of all is this artwork:



It’s called connected and made out of cables wrapping around a steel frame. Is it just me or the name suggest something dirty 😛 Anyway, I think it’s a very cool artwork, kinda geeky you might say but makes sense to me. Our body after all is a whole bunch of neural and blood vein connection from the mental command center (brain) to physical command center (heart).

The outlets of those cables are the hair so this also reminds me of Avatar. The blue people (I forgot their name) use their hair to connect to pretty much anything so similar idea, right?

So other than that, I just recompile my portfolio into a pdf, which I wanna share here with you guys. I spent quite some time on it (early morning from 12 – 4a.m). I did keep try to it simple and clean and here’re what I came up with:

Yeah so you can download it at my website, the link is right here. If you wanna see how I do it or use my template, feel free to check out my source file right here.

Aight guys have fun and keep on rolling!!! Next time I’ll talk about some cool stuff I found the other day 🙂 Coolness guaranteed!!

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