iPhone 4G!!! Looks cool

So you might have recently heard iPhone 4G has been leaked. Wait you didn’t? Check it out right here.

The new iPhone looks cool but Apple decided to switch back to the candy bar look, sleeker, cleaner and also more traditional. Apple iPhone has always looked different from other smartphones because of its curved design although the plastic case is kinda cheap. Anyway it’s personal taste. I like this new design!

Now the whole story is that, an Apple (lol) Software Engineer (SE) was having a blast at a bar  cause that was his birthday. He carried with him a prototype iPhone 4G disguised in an iPhone 3GS case. He left the bar but the phone stayed.

iPhone 4G Prototype

iPhone 4G Prototype

The guy-sitting-next-to-him (GSNTH)  got the phone and was trying to give it back to the SE but he didn’t come back for it. Probably he was too drunk. So GSNTH took the phone back and poked around with it for a while. He realized the phone has a different Operating System from normal one in 3GS. It also doesn’t have serial number or anything. The morning after, the phone was remotely killed by Apple using MobileMe. (scary!!)

Now Gizmodo bought the phone for $5000 and that’s how it got public. However I’m starting to question whether this is intentional by Apple to create rumors and boost their stock price.

In case you guys don’t know, Apple is crazy about leaks. Details are here! They have been very good at hiding product prototype before debut. Apple PR team is said to be very hard to work with since they don’t really reveal anything and turn down a lot of press questions and such.

Apple is said to have done interrogation on employees to get rid of potential leaks. Since each employee got 1 iPhone, those devices are easily tracked. They occasionally shut down a building to do all the cleansing of potential leaks. Prototypes are bolted to the table and cover in black glass (cause certainly you can see people sunbathing on Google Earth now!!)

Steve Jobs personally monitors the list of people carrying prototype equipment off Apple campus (read it right here) so this is definitely a big deal for the company.

Now given all the crazy securities and such, how can a SE got his hands on a top-secret prototype? Because that was his birthday? So this just made me wonder either Apple’s not gonna use this prototype or this might be intentional. If it is intentional Apple PR did some pretty risky move right there. But again this is not 007 so the former case seems more legit. We’ll see at the next Apple event.

So that’s been what’s “clogging the tube” this week. Have fun and keep on (t)rolling guys!!

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One thought on “iPhone 4G!!! Looks cool

  1. Shannon says:

    good going on your stuff.

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