Good day!!!

Finally things are starting to look a bit better (or at least the weather). I’m sitting in our Skillman Library Cafe enjoying the nice smell of coffee while sipping my milk-tea full of awesomeness!! It’s sunny outside and I didn’t wake up late (or skip) class today lol. Good start!

Now if you guys remember I was asked by the Facebook recruiter to solve one of their hardest puzzle and after like 4 days of crazy code-crunching and algorithm researching the grader bot finally accepted my solution. I’ll write about it in a separate post so that people who are working on it can have some ideas on how to proceed. It was really frustrating getting rejected so many times!!

So that’s good thing #1. #2 is that I got back my religion paper and the grade has been getting progressively better (1st one B, 2nd one B+, this one A-/B+). Huge credits to my friend Haruki for all his editing and grammar check. This Religion class is really hard for me due to its strange topic and the fact that I’m not that good at writing myself. Each research paper took me forever and also gave me countless papercuts (they hurt!)

As I’m graduating I gotta figure out some stuff before commencement. Speaking of my Lafayette Dance Cr3w, Synchromotion and we plan to convince other dancing teams on campus like Precision and Gossip Prone into creating an umbrella organization called Lafayette Dance Company (did I talk about this? if yes bear with me again). This big org is gonna be in charge of all dancing activities and groups on campus. By doing this, we get more funding and also more practice time slots. Each subgroup will have 1 representative in the board and 1 vote also, pretty democratic(?) right?

Dance Cr3w is also performing next week for another event and I guess that’d be the last one til my graduation. Oh my brother decided to come to my commencement so that my parents won’t have to. It’s be inconvenient for them with all the jet lags and traveling and language barrier so I think this is a better solution.

BTW another Google recruiter contacted me again and this time I decided to schedule interviews with them so those are gonna be this Friday at 1pm and 3pm (back-to-back) so that’s pretty scary!!

Anything else? Oh recently I’m addicted to watching Starcraft 2 beta matches. Seriously they’re mad cool. I’ll dedicate another post to review Starcraft 2 Beta later.

Ok that’s it for now guys. Have fun and keep on (t)rolling!! (as Ray William Johnson always says)

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