Social Media is cool… interview with Exxon Mobil

So my last post was about how social media can help you can get interviews and stuff. But admit it! Social media is cool. In fact it is the future of communications right there. New terms were coined from it (google, twitter, troll…) and you can just totally express yourselves on such means.

Another thing is, social is the future. In case you don’t realize, incorporating Facebook or Twitter or Digg is pretty much a must for any sorts of services or device. If your phone can’t go to Facebook, it kinda sucks. There’re even device specifically for Twitter (it’s not as useful as it sounds but it exists).

I mentioned this cause our school website recently incorporate Facebook, Twitter and YouTube officially on the front page and there are staff members who are in charge of updating them. Such means target young high school seniors looking for a good college so I think that’s a smooth move.

I myself do not enjoy reading very much. No worries cause YouTube has all sorts of tutorials, from making a cheesecake to fixing a car. I’m actually reading a book right now, called Socialnomics:



It’s pretty new and looks like a cool one so I’m definitely trying to read this.

Another trend I think is growing right now is geo-services, or the ability to locate/broadcast your station. If I’m blogging from home/campus, my post will be geo-tagged and the location will of course show up along with it. You can share your location and everything with GPS in your phone. Well of course I don’t want people to know where I am ALL the time but I can definitely change the settings around.

Social media services themselves of course realize this trend and try to integrate into each other. Facebook is doing a pretty good job with it since it released its frameworks and allows developers to write games/plugins. Single-player game is becoming kinda obsolete now cause you can’t show off your cool “badges” or achievements your earned to your gamer crew.

Even Apple is building its own Social Gaming Network for the iPhone. Steve Jobs talked about it during the iPhone OS 4 preview last week (2 weeks?). iPhone games are small and fun so multi-player would be a pretty cool feature to incorporate.

So those are the cool stuff. What’s up w/ me? I just interviewed with Exxon Mobil and it was purely behavioral. I think the company focuses a lot of teamworks so most of the questions were about team situations. Those are the stuff they asked me

  1. Tell me about an experience where you have to make a decision to choose 1 thing over the other.
  2. Tell me about an experience where there’s a member in your team totally changed your workflow.
  3. Tell me about an experience where there’s a sudden change halfway in the direction of the project.
  4. What are you most satisfied/dissatisfied of?

So all behavioral!! I talked a lot about the projects I’m working on: MetaDB, iLafayette and senior project. It’s really hard to tell whether I did fine or not. I’m also an international student so the HR was kinda hesitant. Well we’ll see how that goes.

Aight guys have fun and keep on rolling!!

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