LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter… how to get interviews

So I realized that I got a lot of interviews from big companies and I’m not bragging or anything but I’m pretty proud of it. I bombed a lot of them probably because those companies were big and I was not smart and qualified enough to work there. However I do wanna share my experience on how I got so many interviews.

Anyway so I interviewed with the following companies:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Microsoft
  4. Amazon
  5. Bloomberg
  6. Cisco
  7. Credit Suisse
  8. Deloitte
  9. IBM
  10. HP
  11. Yodle
  12. Nuance
  13. GE Energy

So about 30% of those don’t offer working VISA and for software engineer the contract is unlimited so no VISA = no offer. Some of them I interviewed with and just never got back to me and I think it’s just not professional at all.

Anyway, I think you gotta be really proactive in search for jobs so here how I did it:

1. Utilize your honor society: If you’re in 1, good for you. Exploit it!! Since you’re in an honor society chances are you can skip the phone screen part already. The guy I talked to at Amazon was 1 of the co-founder for his Epsilon Pi Upsilon chapter so he knew it and I got my interview from him.

2. Make full use of social media: It’s way more important than you think. A lot of companies use social media like LinkedIn to recruit people. Update your profile there in full details. Link it to your Fb and Twitter accounts. Be active on it. I started writing my blog as a journal so that I won’t forget things I spent 3 days doing research for and it’s very useful.

3. Tweeeet!!!: Twitter is important. Why? cause jobs are twittered every 5 minutes. I kept a Twitter client open all the time and follow LinkedIn Jobs account and trust me they tweet new jobs so regularly I can’t keep up with. Once I go to sleep, by the time I wake up there would be well more than 300 new jobs. Most are irrelevant but a lot are good positions.

4. Join professional societies/networks: I’ve mentioned this before: NSBE, SHPE and again, professional groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Their career fairs are really great opportunities to meet employers and although those are not free, it’s totally worthy.

5. Buff your resume: Buff it up! Resume is the 1st step in getting interviews and if it’s not good enough, no matter how cool and smart you are you won’t even get to step on the door.

6. Maintain a portfolio: Give a more detailed view of your work and projects. Put those up on your website since your resume can only say so much.

So I guess those are the important stuff. Once you got the interviews it’s all up to your true ability to get through. I haven’t been doing so well and I’m still working on it. Aight guys hope you enjoy my tips, have fun and keep on rolling!!!

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