Facebook Puzzles… Youtube Playlist

So after I bombed that Facebook interview, the HR sent me an email telling me to do 1 of their puzzles so I’m not completely out of the game yet (shocking, right?). Anyway in case you don’t know Facebook maintain a whole bunch of coding puzzles with different difficulties and also a lot of Framework came from there. You can check out right here: Facebook Puzzles

The HR requested me to do one of the BUFFET-level puzzles, which are ranked the hardest. There are 3 and I did research on all of them:

  1. Dinosaur Island: you have to program a client that controls a dinosaur living on Facebookland. It can be either herbivore or carnivore. You have to stay alive as long as possible and your dinosaur can lay eggs and stuff… You can read more details in the link here
  2. Find Sophie: Sophie is your cat and you have to find it. You have a list of locations where it can hide with probability and time moving between each location. This is similar to the Traveling Salesman Problem (very famous) so I picked this one. You can check it out right here.
  3. FaceBull: I heard this one is the hardest so I didn’t really dig deep into it. But the link is here.

Apparently Facebook has a list of people who solved those and got hired so it’s another way of weeding out applicants. Once I solved it, they’ll evaluate my code and determine whether I can move on. They said I have unlimited time but the sooner I complete, the sooner the process can go on.

BTW Facebook is definitely THE FASTEST company that ever replied to me. My 1st interview was last Monday and I got scheduled the 2nd one on Monday night. The 2nd one was on Friday and reply was on Friday night. Dang!! Talking about HR productivity right there.

So I said I’ll talk about my Youtube playlist so here it is:

  • The 2nd part is comedy Youtubers. It’s not (totally) staged and very raw, funny as well. I watch EqualsThree where the guy named Ray William Johnson talks about viral videos every week, pretty funny, WongFu Production is also pretty funny too (Asian jokes lol). KassemG is also funny but kinda R-Rated.
  • Gaming and Music: I recently subscribed to AppleGirl002 cause she’s cute (I’m not gonna lie), can sing and uses iPhone to remix songs. MarieDigby is also very talented, same with Beatboxer Big Chocolate, Kathy Nguyen (she’s cute too). In terms of gaming, I watched a lot of Starcraft 2 replays with annotation (HDStarcraft is a good channel).

So there you go. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog (I’m hitting 2000 hits soon surprisingly lol). Have fun and keep on rolling!!

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  1. That’s pretty awesome.

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