Bad day…

Gosh today was such a bad day for me T_T I had my 2nd interview with Facebook and I bombed it… literally messed up. The interview was pretty straight forward but I couldn’t solve the algorithm question. Needless to say I felt like crap afterwards. Besides, our iLafayette talk got turned down by our CS Department Head due to “lack of CS standpoints”… my friend Khine and I were like “wth are those?” You know who I’m talking about. We were really pissed off since it’s the 2nd time we got sabotaged already. We submitted this outline and he said it lacks “CS standpoints”…

Anyway, regardless of how awful I did in the interview I’ll still wanna share the questions in case you guys are interviewing with Facebook as well. My interviewer was from Facebook mobile team and he was in charge of Fb mobile and now Fb for iPhone.

1. What is the change you would like to see most on Facebook? I talked about the chat feature cause apparently it is super buggy and errors just keep popping up. I talked about making it more stable and comprehensive to enhance real-time communication. I also mention being able to drag content from the page to the chat window and implement real-time text rendering like Google Wave. Then I went on talking about social media trend and such tool can be useful yet put quite a load into the site itself.

2. What are the changes you’d wanna make to Facebook for iPhone? I talked about native video support cause Fb right now doesn’t have it. It does have built-in browser to view Youtube videos but not native. I talked a bit about multi-tasking on iPhone is not available on old ones so quitting the app is not a good option. Then I talked about implementing the omni-bar on Fb for iPhone also (omni-bar is a search bar that searches everything and display more than just name, like the one in normal Facebook website). Then I talked about how useful it would be for people having the same names but different network and all that.

3. Technical question: How do you turn a binary tree into a circular double-linked list? The output should be the pointer to the smallest element in the tree and the algorithm should do it in place. I got stuck here trying to use recursion and flipping the tree and everything… couldn’t figure out how to do it. I googled the answer and the algorithm was pretty complicated to do in-place and pointer switching. After that I felt like crap.

That was it for 45 minutes and he said they’ll get back to me soon but I know for sure I bombed this already. Although its weekends Haruki and I still gotta debug MetaDB since our boss is having a big presentation soon. We were doing that until in the morning…

Anyway hopefully your day was much better than mine. I just felt so bad right now I just feel the need to complain about it. Don’t let my mood drag you down. Have fun and keep on rolling! Imma watch some YouTube now… hopefully I’ll feel better. Next time I’ll talk about some shows I watch on Youtube.

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