MetaDB Talk… Kid Cudi… Recital Videos

So my friend Haruki and I just gave a talk in the CS department about our MetaDB project. In case you don’t know, MetaDB is a big project we’ve been working on for 15 months now and it’s pretty much manages images and metadata for the school library. I don’t wanna get into all the details and stuff but if you’re interested check out our presentation right here: MetaDB Presentation

The slides are pretty technical so you might need some backgrounds. We learned a lot from this project including the languages, teamwork and ability to adapt to a large set of tools. The project is customer-driven so it’s also very valuable. Thanks everybody for coming and I hope you guys enjoyed the pizza as well as the talk!

So let’s move on. Kid Cudi is coming to Lafayette TONIGHT!! (yeah beat that Lehigh) and we’re all going to the concert. Honestly I know 2 songs from him: Day N Nite and Poke Her Face. The 2 songs are actually every good so you can check them out here:

And Poke Her Face:

I also uploaded our performances for Synchromotion Recital so you can check them out right here:

So I’m graduating and honestly I’m pretty worried about Dance Cr3w future. A few “dance leaders” including me last night met decided on forming an umbrella Lafayette Dance Company so that we’ll get a bit more budgets and also avoid fragmentation of groups. I don’t know whether Precision and Gossip Prone are gonna join but it’s pretty unlikely.

I’m also interviewing with Google tomorrow and having 2nd interview with Facebook on Friday so hopefully those will go well. My friend Khine and I are trying hard to get the iLafayette talk going so that we’ll get more support from the community and make this happen.

Aight that’s it guys, have fun and keep on rolling!!

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