Extravaganza done… back to work… iPhone OS 4.0

So Extravaganza is officially over and the Grand Finale was a blast. I myself had a lot of fun although I was a bit stressed out as always. Huge credits to all the performers for putting up with my grumpiness and crazy practice and inappropriate jokes. I’ll miss you guys after I graduate.

In case people wanna download the mixes we used for the performances, here they are:

  1. Whatever you like – Anya Marina, We Takin’ Over – DJ Khaled, Paper Planes – M.I.A, On To The Next One – Jay – Z: Dance Cr3w 1
  2. Wedding Dress – Taeyang, A Little Bit – Drake: Dance Cr3w 2

Now after spending so much time for the show, I couldn’t blog everyday as my resolution by on average I believe it’s still 1/day (right??). Oh BTW thanks a lot for visiting my blog, it got 1000+ hits in half a month which I never expected so thank you guys for that.

Speaking of work, I got a Religion paper due tomorrow and also senior project presentation also tomorrow so I’m working on those. Facebook decided to give me a phone screen interview on Tuesday so I’d better prepare for that as well although I know Facebook is hard.

Aside from all those personal stuff, I was noticed the iPhone is releasing their 4th version of iPhone OS in the summer, which is definitely a big thing for my iLafayette project. How?

First of all, current iPhone OS doesn’t allow Calendar access which idk why. We had to recreate the whole calendar for our iLafayette which looks kinda ghetto (it’s still prototype) but now that they’ve allowed it, the process can become much easier.

Our ghetto calendar

Our ghetto calendar

Besides, it also supports Folder which allows you to store way more than just 7 pages of apps.

iPhone OS 4.0 Folder

iPhone OS 4.0 Folder

Custom background is another cool feature that I believe a lot of people have been dying to get. The black background just doesn’t cut it. Apple also design its app caption text (border and shadows) so that it stands out in almost any background color.

Multi-tasking is another cool feature but apparently it might kill your battery life. I don’t know how Apple did it but they guarantee this problem won’t occur.

Anyway, regardless of how cool the new iPhone OS is. Mine won’t be able to run it cause it’s the 1st generation iPhone and the hardware is totally incapable of doing such cool stuff. This is a problem for us when designing iLafayette as in should we switch to iPhone OS 4.0 API or still use deprecated functions from old iPhone OS so that all iPhone can run it. Oh you can check out the Apple keynote for iPhone OS 4.0 right here.

Yeah so that’s what up. Sorry this one’s been short since I gotta catch up with work. BTW the campus weather is really nice 🙂 Have fun and keep on rolling!

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2 thoughts on “Extravaganza done… back to work… iPhone OS 4.0

  1. SLOPPY says:

    lol so you sooo know ur a mean butt! =D its ok. although u suck, we will miss u after you graduate also!!
    must come back and visit! ^^




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