Project iLafayette/iLaf/iPard… whatever you wanna call it

So my friend Khine Lin and I have been trying to push forward this project called iLafayette since a year ago. It will basically be a native iPhone application that mines data from the school’s IT infrastructure and display it locally. The reason is that we’re madly in love with the iPhone (I’m sure everybody is, no offense to Droid) and also we want to initiate something that contribute to the student body although out of 2000 students here probably 1/3 has iPhone/iPod Touch.

As students initiating a project that access the school’s sensitive data is really hard. Needless to say the bureaucracy is definitely issue since there’re steps and paperwork and all that jazz. We tried to start early last summer (well, first with purchasing Macbook since iPhone SDK is only available on the Mac) but didn’t get support from the CS Department Head (you know who) since it was too “implementation-focused”. We were definitely discouraged a lot but tried to push forward by discussing with our Director of IT Services, who is a really cool guy. Things went pretty well from there. We were referenced to the VP for Communications and push out our 1st survey for desired features (yeah if u did fill it out, thanks a lot. Otherwise, you kinda suck 😛 j/k).

So after gathering those valuable info we started learning (and are still learning) Objective-C and XCode IDE as much as we can built the 1st prototype right here:

Main Screen

Main Screen

Course Schedule

Course Schedule

Now we’re still trying to push the college to join the Apple iPhone Developer University Program since it’s a gateway to awesome resources and all. Hopefully that’ll get done real soon. In the mean time, we’ve put our source code up on Google Code right here along with instructions on how to install it the *jailbroken* way. Right now it’s the only way to install it on a device so sorry Apple 😦

Another issue we’re facing is the school is changing its infrastructure a lot. Right now its a mess and different departments use different frameworks and such (Drupal, Banner, Moodle…) so the we haven’t had a solid backend yet. I’m also graduating so I won’t be able to put as much effort into this. We’re trying to get CS students interested to join the project and get a group of developers. That’d be ideal.

In the mean time, keep on developing!!

P.S: I might start blogging about how awesome iPhone is after this so pls bear w/ me.

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