Resume source file!! Some more technical questions…

So I just got back to campus after a super long drive from Toronto. We dropped by the duty-free shop to pick up some cheap Absolut. Anyway my resume caught quite a bit of attention (apparently my friend told me people gather around Facebook booth to take a look at it) so I’m pretty proud. Thus, I’m gonna share the source code file with you guys. It’s an Illustrator file and feel free to change the content (and design) around a little bit. I’m also uploading a bunch of technical questions for CS major students. I used those while I was preparing for my Google interviews. I made it to the last on-site round but what they asked where so hard I couldn’t answer those.

Due to NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) I cannot reveal what they’ve asked me. All I can say is there were 3 guys, the 1st one asked me about OO concepts, the 2nd one asked me very open-ended questions and the 3rd one asked me about technology they used in Chrome that apparently I’ve never heard of before.

Anyway here’s the link to my resume source file: Resume Source File I’ll make an entry on how to create my resume in Illustrator so that if you guys wanna re-create it, it’ll be easy

You must have Illustrator to open this file. Also you need some fonts like Helvetica, HelveticaNeue, HelveticaNeue Light. you can get those right here: Fonts Download

The practice technical questions can be found here. Those are extremely useful and if you want the answers, drop a comment down there w/ ur email and I’ll give you a copy. Beware that the answers are self-made (I made those) so those are not optimal solutions and some questions I cannot answer myself. But enjoy anyway: Technical questions

Oh I almost forgot another pair of books that are also very helpful is:

Write Great Code Volume 1

Write Great Code Volume 2

So guys, have fun and keep on studying.

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