My playlist during 8-hr drive!!!

Yeah it takes 8 hrs to drive from campus to Toronto and back. Since we’re travelling radio is not very stable so I gotta prepare myself for some good old-fashion mp3 entertainment. Personally how I keep updated with new songs is listening to radio itself via the Internet. Big credit to my friend Khine for sharing me this great radio channel called Q102 ( Another way is to grab an app called iheartradio from iTunes app store and look for that channel.

Q102 has some weird talk shows but in general its actually pretty updated. So let’s cut the chase and go to my playlist:

1. Nothin’ on You (B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars): nice hip-hop/R&B song with pretty meaningful lyric, also perfect for dances/parties and all that. You can check it out here:

2. Spotlight (Gucci Mane feat. Usher): Another kinda similar rhythm and lyric with Nothin’ On You. I don’t think Gucci Mane’s rap is that good. His voice annoys me sometimes.

3. Whatever You Like (Anya Marina, cover from T.I): SWEEEET cover!!! I saw this on Gossip Girl (I don’t watch the show but just heard it randomly). You’ll like it for sure.

4. Little Bit (Drake feat. Lykke Li): Didn’t know Drake can sing like this. It’s a pretty nice combination.

5. Young Forever (Jay-Z feat. Mr. Hudson): Another really nice cover with rap from Jay-Z. This song is old but meaningful and totally worth listening to.

6. Don’t worry about it (Ne-Yo): Ne-yo has always considered a great R&B singer w/ a sweet voice. This song somehow didn’t make it big but I think it’s worth listening to. Very nice beats.

Yeah so top 6, not in any particular order though. Also I’ve heard some really catchy yet gross songs like “Blah blah blah” by Ke$ha (pronounced Ke-sha, not Ki-sha, FYI). Seriously she was talking about “don’t be a lil b* w/ ur chit chat, just show me where ur d*’s at”… yeah smooth move.

Also Young Money and New Boyz and all those… dirty and kinda repetitive lyrics but catchy beats. “According to You” by Orianthi is aight, not too great since it gets repetitive after a while, same with Adam Lambert’s “Whatya want from me”.

Ok so those are the songs I’m listening to the most now. I do listen to K-pop once in a while, like “Wedding Dress” – Taeyang, “Oh!” by SNSD, “Kiss” by Sandara from 2NE1. Anyway have fun and keep on… listening (??).

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