Roaming from Toronto!!!

So I’m currently in Toronto, Canada hustling for jobs and stuff and this city is pretty awesome/beautiful. It’s kinda chill, much better than NYC (which I think is kind dirty). Chinatown here is not as big but also much much cleaner. I had pho for brunch and it was pretty ok. Here’s a picture of the Asian restaurant I went to. It’s actually very “legit” looking.

Double Dragon Restaurant

Double Dragon Restaurant

Anyway, I talked to a couple of companies here and unfortunately very very few offer H1B working VISA, which apparently is a very big turn-off. Just FYI, the big corps there are:

  1. Microsoft
  2. Apple (right close to M$ surprisingly)
  3. Google
  4. Intel (not there)
  5. Cisco (also not there)
  6. HP (doesn’t hire intl)
  7. IBM (also doesn’t hire intl)
  8. Amazon (they always have their puzzles up and if u can solve it, u’ll get interviews… pretty cool)
  9. FACEBOOK (!!!)

Yeah Facebook’s there and I missed it. I didn’t know till my friend told me so I’m coming back there for sure. Facebook is definitely a cool company to work for but idk whether they’re hiring international student since the economy is so crappy and all.

Besides, Facebook has a kinda weird recruiting system. I applied 2 years ago and every time I tried to re-apply with an updated resume it always says “We’ve reviewed ur resume and don’t have openings” and I’m like that’s 2 years ago. OMG can I at least notify u guys that I grew up!! (not physically). I’m gonna try my luck tomorrow.

We also stay at Sheraton Toronto which doesn’t have complimentary Internet unless you’re down in the lobby so a whole bunch of people are crunching here trying to update their Facebook/Twitter… The view is pretty awesome. We’re on floor 17 so I got a picture of the outside scene:

View outside Sheraton Toronto

View outside Sheraton Toronto

This is definitely a cool city to live in. But anyway if I can’t find a job here I guess I’m gonna go work back home while freelancing a little bit and getting my hands on some open-source projects. Ok so have fun and keep on… hustling (I guess)!!

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2 thoughts on “Roaming from Toronto!!!

  1. Khanh says:

    Keep looking dude! Don’t give up. You’ll get something.

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