Redesigning my site!!!

So I’ve been a bit late in blogging today (normally I blogged at like 2a.m) cause I’ve been working on a new skin for my website. I got bored after looking at it for a while so a redesign would also help keep my creativity fresh. Also there’re a lot of awesome professional web designs out there that brought to my attention so I’ll dedicate this post to some of them. So this’s what I have so far as the prototype:

Prototype Site

Prototype Site

So I’ve tried to simplify it and keep focus on certain parts of the site. I also tried to minimize all the descriptions and stuff since reading is not really that fun in general. Hmm what else, oh brighter background and tetradic color scheme. The glasses in the background are the closest ones to mine that I can find on stock xchng. BTW, if you want high quality plain images of objects, go to stock xchng at They have really really high-res pictures. Of course it’s non-commercial and for personal use only.

I also found out that my domain is surprisingly close to another domain called azndesign (mine is azndezign). Coincidence lol! The guy is also Vietnamese and is a graphics & web design. He’s much more experienced than me though. Anyway, besides stock xchng, you can also visit for color scheme generator (wait I think I mentioned that).

For inspirational purpose, you can check out some of the top web designs right here:

Also here are the best CSS website collection:

Some of my favorite ones are here:

Aaron Beall

Aaron Beall



N-Design Studio

N-Design Studio

Oh btw CSS websites refer to non-flash web. I myself am not a big fan of flash although it’s a very strong animation format. Well first of all Mac can’t run flash, yeah Flash will burn your Mac processor. It’s an architecture problem so it’s unlikely its gonna get fixed soon.

Flash is also not compatible with iPhone so you have to maintain 2 versions of your site, which is a pain. Flash also requires flash plugin and that leads to some additional security issues. Yup so stick with XHTML/CSS + JavaScript. Aaron Beall’s site is just too awesome I gotta make an exception for it. Kk guys have fun and keep on designing!

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