America’s Best Dance Cr3w… you watch it? Yeah me too

Now to all those hardcore dancing fanboys out there, America’s Best Dance Cr3w (ABDC) is a MUST-WATCH show. Yeah I’m serious!! This is one of the best shows on MTV, surprisingly. MTV has pretty bad shows like Real World, 16 and Pregnant, Super Sweet 16… (sorry I’m just trolling). Yeah those shows are not definitely not my favorites and they kinda depict a really bad picture of the US, very very “misleading” (my favorite word).

So ABDC started around 2 years ago and it’s been going on to Season 5 now. The quality, I must say, has been going down IN GENERAL. I’m not saying there’re no good cr3ws, but there’re less of them on the shows. I think it’s probably because when it first came out, a lot of awesome cr3ws went for auditions, got turned down and thought the show is rigged (which it is to some degree), and never came back. So overall when I watch ABDC recently, I kinda know which crew’s gonna win anw, despite all the drama craps that MTV’s been trying to incorporate (injuries, crying, family problems…). Anyway, ABDC has also been my source of inspiration for dancing (besides YouTube) so I give huge credits to this show.

Let’s get to my favorite crew list:

1. Kaba Modern: I was so shocked Status Quo got most votes, leaving Kaba Modern and JabbaWockeez battling for 1 slot. I was seriously disappointed with the show so much!! Kaba Modern has a very unique isolation style that is precise and animated at the same time. Biggest source of inspiration for me. I tried to learn and perform their dances and those were super hard.

Kaba Modern

Kaba Modern

I’ve also been following them on social media and they’re doing very well. Jia Huang actually danced with Britney Spears in her Circus tour as a backup dancers. The rest are teaching classes all over the WORLD. Good luck Kaba!!

2. Quest Cr3w: Very funny and charismatic, also very very athletic since they’re bboys. Their performances are funny and enjoyable. Another thing is they’re all Asians (don’t call me racist).

Quest Cr3w

Quest Cr3w

3. JabbaWockeez: Guys in masks, athletic, precise. They were actually featured in Step Up 2 The Streets by Jon M. Chu. However recently I found their performances rather repetitive to some degree, which is probably why they never got to World Hip Hop Championship.



4. SoReal Cru: They’re really talented although they didn’t win. Their style is also flexible, precise (I use this too much) and dynamic. SoReal can pretty much dance to any music from hit list to wacky songs back in the days and their choreographies are closely related to the lyrics. It’s always fun to watch them perform.

SoReal Cru

SoReal Cru

5. Poreotix: OMG those guys are sooo funny. They appear as typical Asian Americans from Orange County but their charisma if off the chart. Poreotix is Popping – Choreography – Robotic, pretty awesome names. They are on Season 5 right now and I’m praying for them to win (not only because they’re all Asians). This is also the 1st crew to dance to Lose Story – Taylor Swift and that performance was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!



So there you go my top 5 crews. Yeah no We Are Heroes or Super Cr3w, I don’t think they are that good compared to the 5 listed. Aight have fun and keep watching ABDC!!!

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