Spring Break… senior year in college

Hmm… it’s like 3a.m right now and our school is having spring break. Ever since spring break I have been pretty lazy although I do work on my projects almost every day (maintaining my website and working iPhone project). I must admit that I got a bit too hooked into playing Final Fantasy XIII since I’ve been a big fan of this series ever FFVIII (I know FFVII has a better story line but the graphics was too bad for me to come back and try it). FFXIII so far is pretty linear. No airship (r u kidding me???). There’s 1 grinding sport throughout the game with very few freedom to revisit previous locations. However the graphics is pretty awesome although the game mechanics got a bit repetitive.

FFXIII battle is different cause you don’t just spam attacks and attacks with your 255 strength and everything is out of the way. The stagger and element weakness do play a big role in the battle. Speaking of roles, different paradigms and roles are also super important cause in this game, characters don’t have Defense in anyway, so if a monster damages you 300HP, it never changes even if you get stronger. You do get more HP later one though, but it takes a lot of grinding to bring it higher. Also Gil is super hard to get in this game and it also buys happiness lol (in the game I mean).

Aside from that, my team and I are trying to push forward MetaDB v3.0 and we’ve been testing this like crazy over the past month. Once this is solid enough my boss will clone it and push it to production machine while we keep developing in the back. I personally wanna re-write a lot of codes in this product since I was learning and coding at the same time and a lot of techniques I figured out later on should have been used. jQuery also came up with new version so I might wanna upgrade my code to work with it more efficiently.

My iPhone project is going pretty well I think. My friend Khine and I are giving presentations to our school VP for Communications and several Web App Specialist and people from Admissions office about this project. We’re working hard towards building our prototype for the front end. iPhone SDK unfortunately doesn’t provide API for its calendar yet so I have been trying to recreate a calendar that imitates the iPhone application. I’ll post up what I did later on in case someone wants to check it out. I also wanna keep it so that later on I don’t have to keep googling for tutorials and pieces and parts again.

Hmm thats it for now. Gotta go to work early tmr…

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